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How to Become a More Mindful Mom for Your Family

No one said being a mom is easy. Staying the course of being a mom that is mindful can prepare you to handle everything being a parent has to throw at you and might even keep you sane along the way.

Raising our family can often come with many challenges. As time passes, some things have gotten easier, while others might slip away into the busy routines of life.

The fact of the matter is, it’s not always easy being a mom, but it’s definitely worth it. You‘re a part of every step your family takes, big or small. Watching them grow into beautiful human beings because of your efforts is incredibly rewarding.

However, you don’t stop being you when you become a mother. You’re still a partner, a daughter, a friend, a businesswoman. You have dreams, hopes, and goals entirely outside the realm of parenthood.

It’s not easy because it seems like everyone needs your time, and there’s never enough. It feels impossible to keep from becoming drained. 

So how do you stay balanced?

You can find ways to incorporate a mindful routine, which is a fantastic start to living a centered life. But things change once you’re a mom! So, we’ve put together some parent-specific tips for you to enjoy with your children and practice being a mom that is mindful for not only your family but also for yourself.


Introduce dedicated no-screen time - and that means you, too

How many hours does your family spend using screens? Studies have shown that screen time makes it harder for kids to enjoy life outside of apps and videos. And screens are doing that to you too! Those spreadsheets you’ve been editing? Videos of cute animals your friends send you? All important (yes, the animals too), but it can be bad for our brains.

This presents the perfect opportunity to practice a little mindful parenting.

When you and your family take thirty minutes - or even a few hours - of dedicated no-screen time, you’re repairing everyone’s energy. Life doesn’t go as fast as our technology does, and it takes practice to calm down, slow our roll, and just be.



Enjoy the sun on your face, enjoy reading with your kids, let yourself become immersed in their stories, and tell them some of your own. Being a mindful mom really can be that simple - engage, and enjoy!


Slow down sometimes

Having a family is a handful. Maybe two handfuls. Actually, maybe three.

You might have noticed just how hectic things can be, especially those challenging days where you need to use up all your energy to be there for them, no matter what. That can be so, so frustrating - but it’s also causing a lot of unnecessary stress. 

When you find yourself feeling that tidal wave pull over your head, give yourself a second to stop, breathe, and re-evaluate.

If you have school-aged kids, what happens if you’re late to school? You’re late for school. That’s okay once in a while. What happens if someone puts their shirt on backward? Their shirt will be on backward. That’s okay once in a while too.

There’s so much pressure to be perfect - but no one’s perfect. Taking every misstep, every missed bus, every tantrum too seriously can harm our self-worth and put unneeded pressure on us.

Every so often, evaluate your priorities, and give yourself a break. You’re doing fantastic, we promise.


Take care of yourself

As a mother, you endlessly take care of those you love. They need you, depend on you, and give you the greatest joy the world has to offer.

But, sometimes, that leads to burnout. When you’re overworked, stressed, and frazzled, your emotional well-being suffers, and so does your family. Stress is contagious, and your family can pick up on your emotions and reflect those back on you. That can even lead to worsening behavior and “acting out.”

That means that a mindful pampering session can do wonders for your relationships and you. You can go all-out into creating a home spa experience for yourself as a real treat! But we know you’re busy - even just incorporating self-care products into your evening routine is stellar self-care.



Aromatic body oils like L’Beauxtique’s Evening Body Serum harness the power of plants to introduce deep peace through mind and body relaxation. It’s so wholesome and good for your skin, too, helping you ease away the signs of stress and anxiety from your entire body.

Being mindful means listening.

Sure, it means listening to your family and their behaviors. What are they trying to tell you when words fail? But it also means listening to your own body. Are you carrying stress in ways that harm you?

Find your opportunities to slow down, take a breath, listen, and take care of yourself.

Giving yourself the gift of time and self-care is essential to living a joyful, peaceful life. Never forget that you matter. Healing plant-based self-care products do wonders for re-centering your much-needed energy as a mother, and you’re always allowed to take some time for yourself to recharge and relax. Give our Evening Body Serum a try and see for yourself, or give it to someone else who needs a reminder of self-love and self-care!

If you want to learn to experience luxury in your day-to-day, we’re here to provide you avenues to self-care and mindful living. Subscribe to our newsletter below for more.



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