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10 Self-Care Ideas for Busy Women

10 Self-Care Ideas for Busy Women

Self-care is and should always be an essential part of your lifestyle, especially when you have a busy 9 to 5 life. Here’s why. 

When you choose self-care, it means well deserved me-time. You already may feel on a tightrope sometimes. Juggling between your high standards of keeping up with everything at work, making sure your family has all your love, and planning that sought after perfect lifestyle.

You can kill it at work and home, regardless of whether you have a good or bad day. Inner balance is found through self-care and prioritizing yourself without feeling guilty.


Before we share our curated self-care ideas for women, carving out time to do so begins with setting boundaries.



How to build in self-care for after-work-life balance


Set your work hours in stone

No emails after you’re done with work for the day. No last-minute calls, no urgent messages. You have a family, you have a life, and you are enjoying it. 



Set an “away from work” auto-response message on Slack, emails, anywhere people might try to contact you. You’ll get back to them as soon as work hours resume, every time. You’re consistent, a hard worker, and dependable. But you’re not available 24/7. No one should be.


Organize your tasks for the week and track them

Being organized about the use of your time will allow you to plan your work week and stay focused on the goals you have for each day.

When it’s time to log off, whichever task was left unfinished, it’s important to acknowledge it and move it for the next day. The world will not come to an end if you send that email to your boss the next morning, or if you explain that you needed more time to finish a specific deliverable. 

Be strict about your work schedule, try to stay focused and productive and learn to live with the endless to-do list for another day.




10 self-care ideas for women to do at home

Self care means me-time. Mix and match one or more self-care ideas depending on your mood and needs to create your self-care ritual for the evening.


Beauty self-care ideas


1. Take a pampering bath

Sink into your tub and set the mood for the evening to release the day's stressors and indulge in a hot bath. Explore more relaxing bath ideas here.


2. Create a luxury spa experience at home

For a full experience from preparing, cleansing and hydrating your skin read our article on how to create a luxury spa experience at home. You’ll need hot towels, cleansing products, candles, essential oils and your favorite detox drink. 


3. Experience a relaxing dry brushing moment

Dry brushing your skin is something you'll want to add to your beauty regimen. Dry brushing improves your blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and reducing cellulite. 


4. Massage your face with face rollers

Pamper skin with the relaxing benefits of face rollers. The most effective face rollers are made out of gemstones that help balance your energy while reducing puffiness and inflammation. They’re also great for applying skincare products after your relaxing shower or hot bath in the evening.


5. Facial yoga workout session

Facial yoga is a great way to stimulate your facial muscles and relieve stress after a busy workday. Work on our recommended facial yoga exercises and start experiencing anti-aging benefits for your skin. 



Self-care ideas for mental health


6. Meditate before bed

Unplugging after work can be hard if we aren’t strict about tuning out and training our mind to “mute” those notifications and stress triggers from our devices. Meditating before bed can be the first step towards calming your mind and relaxing your body before sleep.


7. Practice journal prompts

One of the best ways to nurture self-love and tackle insecurities is to practice journaling for being kind to yourself. Write down affirmations to help you believe in the incredible woman you are becoming every single day.


8. Diffuse your bedroom with essential oils

Aromatherapy can do wonders for your mind-body connection and it is proven to help you relax. Explore the benefits of inhaling relaxing aromas before bed. Here are some ways to use Lavender essential oil in your self-care rituals. 


9. Manifest positive energy for the next day

The right candle and ritual can clear your mind from negative thoughts. Carve out time for mindful moments and positive manifesting to make it happen.


10. Give overnight fasting a try

Fasting has been known to help improve the mind-body connection, it’s not just about the diet. While it also helps to detox your body, remove toxins and improve your overall health, fasting also has a direct relationship with improving your brain function.



Relax and renew with a daily dose of pampering rituals 

You need to wake up refreshed for every new day, to tackle your goals and deadlines like a champ. So, your nighttime routine is absolutely essential. 

Your daily skincare ritual to ease your mind and dispel any lingering work thoughts is a click away. Explore our beauty wellness sets  to pamper your skin and ease the effects of furrowing your brow and staring into your screen all day 

Our Evening Ritual Set comes with our Evening Body Serum, our Dry Body Brush and our Evening Aromatherapy Candle perfect for sinking you into a blissful peaceful moment.




Self-care for the working woman means knowing your worth 

Better work is created when you’re happy, well-rested, and focused - not spread thin and stressed out. 

These self-care ideas for women will impact your work-life balance immediately. Stick to your guns, pursue what you love, and step up your standards. You’ll do better in every aspect of life, while enjoying it all more. 

You can be the best version of yourself by focusing on and integrating daily self-care into your routine as equally hard as you work.

For more steps to self-care, subscribe to our newsletter. 



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