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Your Next Post-Workout Skincare Routine

Your Next Post-Workout Skincare Routine

Glowing, healthy skin awaits you

Working up a sweat is a great thing for your body, but your skin needs a rigorous post-workout skincare routine in order to keep it soft, smooth and free from clogged pores.




The importance of a post-workout skincare routine

The good news is that contrary to popular belief, sweat isn’t all bad, for your skin. It’s a natural bodily process that actually helps your body release toxins and rejuvenates the skin

The not-so-great news is, however, that while sweating is a great indication of a productive workout session, it can also be an enemy to your skin. The line between sweat rejuvenating your skin and causing severe damage is all dependent on how quickly you switch to your post-workout skincare regimen.



How does sweat affect the skin post-workout?

Sometimes with our busy work schedules, it can feel impossible to get a good workout in. And so when we do, it totally feels like a win. That said, while we’re experiencing all the happy hormones of a full-body workout, it's important to remember that our skin needs a little TLC as well. 

When you sweat, here’s what’s happening to your skin:


Skin irritation

As much as we may adore that post-workout flushed look (you know the one. That natural rosy cheeked aesthetic), that sweat-induced flushed look is a sign of potential skin irritation. When you sweat, your body releases urea and ammonia, which causes irritation and inflammation that is damaging to the skin.



Clogged pores

While sweating does remove toxins from the body, if the sweat remains on your skin for long periods of time, your pores run the risk of getting severely clogged. This is due to a build-up of moisture, oil, dead skin cells and various other bacteria. This increases the likelihood of acne breakouts.


Dry and flaky skin

We all know that dewy post-workout glow eventually fades, and when it does, you are left with severely dehydrated skin. The amount of sodium in our sweat is especially damaging for those who suffer from sensitive skin.


Risk of infection

In severe cases, when we sweat excessively during a good gym session, those impurities are reabsorbed into our skin in an attempt to rehydrate the body. This can cause several kinds of skin infections.



The restorative and soothing post-workout skincare routine for your face

The key to having a seamless post-workout skincare routine is to have one that fits your lifestyle. This means keeping it simple, wholesome and natural.  


Step 1: Wash your face as soon as possible to return it to its former bright and luminous glory

There is a reason why this point has taken on the honorable title of “step 1”. Because washing your face immediately after a workout is non-negotiable. Using a gentle cleanser will ensure that you are able to extract all of the sweat, oils and toxins from your pores. 



Step 2: Avoid facial scrubbing and treat your skin with intentional gentleness

You might have been aggressive with your workout, but it's best that you don’t bring that same energy to your post-workout skincare routine.  That means avoiding facial scrubs, as they can do more harm than good after you’ve exercised. Your skin is particularly delicate post-workout, so save the exfoliation for later.


Step 3: Apply a natural serum to nurture your skin and help it regenerate

Give your skin the nourishment and the transcendent glow that it deserves by applying a natural serum to your skin. It's highly recommended that you make use of a vegan serum which is rich in epidermal growth factors.  


Evening Body Serum



A pre- and post-workout skincare essential for the rest of your body: dry brushing

It's human nature that we instinctually think of our faces when we are talking about our skin – it’s a natural response. However, your skin includes your body too, and it is deserving of the same level of care and love as your face.

Prior to beginning your workout and after your workout, dedicate 5 minutes of your time to invigorating the skin with a natural dry brush. Dry brushing helps increase blood circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage and removes the dull outer layer of your skin.

Staying committed to a regular dry brushing session will soon reveal a beautifully regenerated layer of skin.


Dry Body Brush



Exercises for naturally glowing skin

In conclusion, here are a few exercises that aren’t just good for your physical health but the health of your skin too.



1. Jumping jacks

This workout is one of the best cardio exercises for healthy, glowing skin, as it helps improve circulation. The result? Luminous, luscious skin!


2. Cheek puffing

As the name suggests, fill your mouth with air, puff up your cheeks, move the air between each cheek and witness an improved, more youthful-looking appearance.


3. Downward dog

This yoga pose is the perfect example of full-body restoration as it not only flushes out the entire body but helps rejuvenate cells, giving you a much-deserved natural glow. This yoga pose feels great too!



If you are looking to fully explore the healing powers of yoga, make sure to read our facial yoga article that will help transform your mind, body and spirit. 



Sweat off the stress

Navigating this self-love journey to tune out from a busy workday means practicing beautiful habits and turning them into your own unique rituals. For gentle reminders on how to achieve this sign up to our weekly newsletter. It’s here to help you along the way.



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