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Exhale stress, inhale calm

We get it. Your schedule is packed with demands, deadlines and countless Zoom meetings that—let’s be honest—could’ve been emails. Life is messy—and stressful. Make that stress your cue for self-care and inhale our science-backed scents: Clinical aromatherapy that transforms your home into a screen-free, stress-free sanctuary for repose. Our functional scents aren’t just another bottle on your shelf—they’re your call to calm, helping you ritualize your response to stress. Inhale, de-stress, repeat.


Science-backed remedies for holistic well-being

Consciously crafted with plant-based compounds, L'Beauxtique transforms ordinary spaces into sanctuaries for lessening stress, deepening sleep, and reclaiming calm. Founded by a Certified Professional Aromatherapist, and formulated by a Clinical Aromatherapist, our functional scents calm body, mind and soul—because twenty-first-century life doesn’t. (That’s what we’re here for.)


The science of scent

Our functional scents are more than fleeting sensory experiences, they’re science-backed elixirs: A single deep breath of pure essential oil molecules triggers neurotransmitters in the brain to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, calming the body, mind and soul. That’s the power of clinical aromatherapy. Think of our scents as your personal reset button. (Take that, Netflix.)

“Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles and all the years we have lived.”

—Helen Keller


Helping you ritualize your response to stress

Think of stress as an uninvited guest knocking at your door: Instead of letting it in, let that knock be your cue to light a candle, inhale deeply, and immerse yourself in a wellness ritual that nourishes your body, mind and soul. It’s time to take back your evenings and reclaim your calm.


Stressed-out working mum turned wellness alchemist

Inspired by her own journey through the labyrinth of stress and burnout, our founder, Denise, unearthed the transformative power of clinical aromatherapy. What started as a self-healing hobby became a mission to share her wellness wisdom with those eager to transform their relationship with stress. Now a Certified Professional Aromatherapist, she crafts soul-nourishing, pure essential oil blends that offer more than a momentary escape—they create a lasting, stress-free sanctuary.


A good day always starts the night before

If working from home (read: answering emails from dawn to dusk) makes switching off feel like an unattainable luxury, we’ve got just the thing. Log off, unwind, and usher in restful sleep with our founder’s go-to twilight wellness rituals, curated to set the tone for a stress-free tomorrow.

Lighting palo santo—or her Evening Aromatherapy Candle—on her mantle

Laying down with her Aromatic Eye Pillow post-work to pause, breathe and be

Lathering on Evening Body Serum before drawing a bath (hello, hydration)


Sustainability, but make it stress-free


Our small-batch botanical blends are made in a USDA-certified organic facility without parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, or synthetic fragrances. We only formulate with all-natural, cruelty-free ingredients, making each purchase a step toward a healthier planet.


We wrap your purchases in luxurious eco-friendly packaging, including recyclable materials, biodegradable bubble wrap, and compostable tissue paper. We also contribute to global reforestation through our partnership with the Eco-Packaging Alliance.


Giving back is in our nature. As a proud member of the 1% for the Planet community, we’re committed to donating 1% of every sale to environmental organizations. And through Shopify Planet, we’re reducing our carbon footprint with carbon-neutral shipping on every order.

Personalize your wellness ritual

Stress is personal—your wellness ritual should be too. Take our quiz for your personalized ritual.



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