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5 Reasons to Switch to Vegan Serums

5 Reasons to Switch to Vegan Serums

Luxury and animal cruelty don't mix

We all want smooth, hydrated, glowing skin. Vegan serums make that happen -- without sacrificing animals' well-being.

The skincare industry is one of the most significant contributors to animal cruelty, and we're here to stop that. Every year over 27,000 animals are still being abused to create the products you use daily. Skincare and beauty brands that test on animals and use animal by-products in their self-care products ignore this reality, all at the expense of innocent lives. 

There are thousands of proven safe and beneficial ingredients already at our disposal. Animal testing is redundant, unnecessary, and cruel.

Plus, our skin doesn't even react the same way as the defenseless creatures they test on -- products that might be safe for animals aren't necessarily safe for us and vice versa. 

Ditch the cruelty and live your values with self-care that cares for others. Your decision isn't just the best for the planet; it's the best for you, too. Here's why.


Natural ingredients aren't harsh on your skin

Vegan botanical products skip animal fats and colorants but instead harness plants' power to accomplish the same skincare goals - but better.  Fatty acids and oils that come from seeds, plants, and algae won't irritate your skin. Pure essential oils can be too strong when highly concentrated, but high-quality skincare products temper their potency with carrier oils to deliver their beneficial effects the right way.

Vegan products imbue your skin with powerful hydration and nutrients while ditching the chemicals and detrimental processes that non-vegan or synthetic products rely on. Better for you, better for the animals, better for your skin - there's a lot to love.



Veganism is good for the planet

Going vegan is hard - but changing your eating habits isn't the only way to make an impact. Taking your veganism from food to skincare helps cut down on the pollution created by animal agriculture. 

Animal agriculture is the worst emitter of pollutants and greenhouse gases, to the point where it causes direct health problems and even deaths for those who live near farms -- not to mention the water inefficiencies, monoculture farmland, transportation pollution, and disproportionate land use.


Going vegan is good for healthier skin

Who doesn't want vibrant skin? Curating a plant-based diet is the first step, but combining it with the power of plants can manifest endless benefits for nourishing soft, healthy skin. 

Our skin is our biggest organ, we've said that before, and it's only natural to take care of it with vitamin-rich botanicals.

The vitamin levels in vegan serums flood your skin with goodness at first contact, and you'll see the benefits in days. Pamper yourself, and get that Vitamin E, C, or D!



Therapeutical aromas relax the mind and body

Have you ever walked through a garden and smelled a growing tomato plant before even seeing it? How about sweet basil or a rose bush? Have you ever picked and eaten a fresh peach right off the tree? It's heaven.

Plants connect us to nature, lighting up our old, deep-seated love of the outdoors. But you don't have to hike fifteen miles to feel its joy. 

Using potent botanicals is excellent for relaxing your body and mind, thanks to their stunning, soft aromas. It's part of what makes incorporating skincare into your pampering routine so impactful. We've written about giving yourself the gift of time, appreciating yourself, your skin, and your entire being. Delicate scents are part of making that magic happen.


Animals are living beings 

Did you know that "cruelty-free" labeling still allows for animal products? How can something be cruelty-free if an animal suffered to make it?

Animals are part of our world, so no product on earth should come at the cost of any harm to them. We often take too many things for granted. Just because animals don't have the same intellectual ability as us doesn't mean we must take advantage of them and exploit their lives.



We are all part of a sacred circle of life, and we must treat each living being with respect. Each life on earth has its natural purpose, so let's let nature be natural.

Now that you know how to stop living up to the standards of any animal life, here is a very resourceful guide on how to spot legit cruelty-free logo labels. Ensure to keep an eye out for a legitimate cruelty-free logo (or look them up) when choosing your next skincare product.

Your choices make a difference -- and you're making the right one. 

We subscribe to the belief that taking care of the planet means taking care of every life. Your choice as a conscious consumer is helping shift the norm away from animal testing, animal cruelty, and greenhouse gases. We thank you, and so does your skin. 

Our Evening Body Serum combines all this holistic goodness. Simple ingredients, vitamins, and oils come together to create heavenly aromas and supple skin. Plus, we are Leaping Bunny Certified. Yay! Treat yourself, and save animal lives while doing so. 

We live to bring you the best in ethical self-care. You can join us by subscribing to our newsletter to get started on that journey. 



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