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How to Make a Luxury Spa Experience at Home

How to Make a Luxury Spa Experience at Home

How many times do you stop your daily routine and give yourself a self care session? As a modern, busy woman you probably invest most of your time juggling between work and life responsibilities. 

After a long workday, you most likely are craving for those 15 minutes of watching your favorite TV show but have to switch hats to handle dinner and nighttime routines.

Real life routines are hard to change. Days turn into weeks that become months and eventually years. So when you promised yourself you'd read that book or go on that romantic trip with your partner you find that time has passed by.

We're here to tell you to STOP. You are a  busy woman that deserves to slow down from time to time. It's perfectly fine to give yourself a break and learn to incorporate this precious "pause" into your lifestyle and today we’re going to share with you how to start by making a home spa experience from the comfort of your home.



In short, time. Making yourself a priority is one of the first principles for achieving balance in your life. But if you want the actual list of things you’ll need, here are the basics:

  • Cleansing products

  • Jade or rose quartz roller for massaging face

  • Hot towels

  • Your favorite body scrub

  • Scented candles

  • Essential oils for your luxury bath

  • Detox drink 

  • Your favorite face and body hydrating product

So now that you know what you’ll need, let’s dive right into how to make a spa at home along with ingredients that can help you relax after a busy day.


How to make a spa at home for unwinding after a busy day


Step 1. The pamper session prep ceremony

You’ll want to start your home spa experience by intentionally setting up your special environment. Commit to either a weekly or monthly schedule for your self-care ritual. Gather all your ingredients and materials and try to focus on the present moment.  


Step 2. Remove makeup and cleanse face

Proceed to cleansing your face and massaging with a jade roller. This is great for reducing puffiness and improving skin elasticity. The self-massage will start to relax your mood after a long day.



Step 3. Prepare some hot towels

Use your slow cooker and gently wet some hot towels with water. Warm them up for a couple of minutes with 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil. Lavender and chamomile are some of our favorites for relaxing purposes. Once they are nice and warm gently rub the towel on your face to open up your pores.


Step 4. Prepare a body scrub

When you use natural ingredients the options are endless. You can create a simple exfoliating body scrub by using ground coffee, sweet almond oil and brown sugar. Wet your skin and apply the coffee scrub by using quick or long strokes.  Remove the scrub by taking a warm shower and your skin should be left feeling soft and smooth.


Step 5. Prepare your aromatic bath

Aromatherapy is great for your home spa experience because it helps set the relaxing mood with essential oils. Combine a few drops of lavender to a tablespoon or more of honey, settle in the bath and then add the combination; agitate the bath water to disperse. Another nice way of setting the mood is adding candles and even some flowers.



Step 6. Have a detox drink 

You can prepare some herbal or detox water with ingredients like orange and rosemary or strawberries and basil. Sip and relax for 20-30 minutes. Listen to some music if that pleases you. 


Step 7. Shower with cold water

Alternate from warm to cold temperatures because this will help improve your circulation and close up your pores. In this step, you can use up the rest of your homemade coffee scrub and rinse away all the remains.


 Step 8. Treatment routine

The final step of mastering the art of how to make a spa at home  is to choose your treatment products wisely. We recommend our Evening Essential Set which comes with our Evening Body Serum, a beautiful multi-functional body oil, and our Evening Aromatherapy Candle, perfect for creating spaces of sanctuary within your home. 

Bear in mind that applying a serum before your moisturizer is important because it is a lighter layer that will nourish your skin without making it look oily.


Evening Essential Set: an elegant set for twilight beauty rituals.


Due to their lighter composition, your skin will absorb serums quickly. If you have dry skin type, you may need an extra layer of thick moisturizer, whereas the serum might be enough if you have oily skin. 

Our Evening Body Serum Essential Set is one of our favorite wellness bundles, a blended balance of essential oils with     a magical scent. It’s perfect for unraveling and relaxing at home.

You shouldn't feel guilty about treating yourself like you deserve from time to time. Self care is important for maintaining a positive energy.

Emotional well-being can make the difference from preserving a happy lifestyle or living with stress. Routines don't have to be boring.

Just as you've managed to make a routine out of countless activities in your life, you can make your home spa experience a priority, whether it's weekly or at least monthly.

This special moment should be something permanent on your to-do-list. An easy way to incorporate it into your routine is having open communication with your partner so that you can give each other space for recharging energy.

After this much-needed pamper session, you can put on your sleepwear and curl up with a soothing cup of tea and a good book to call it a night before you go to bed.

At L’Beauxtique we want to help you rewrite the narrative with stress. Learning how to make a spa at home can be the first step in pursuing a holistic lifestyle. 

Discover your own unique wellness journey one day at a time but if you want weekly reminders, our newsletter can help. See you there!



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