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How to Meditate Before Bed and Unruffle Your Mind

How to Meditate Before Bed and Unruffle Your Mind

It’s time to bring balance to your sleep cycle

 “No blue light before bed.” “No caffeine after 2:00 p.m.” You’ve heard it all before – but when typical sleep hygiene doesn’t fit into your life, it’s time to learn how to meditate before bed.  

That’s not to say all of the above isn’t important. It is.

But it’s also important to recognize that sometimes, the trade-off of those “bad for sleep” goodies – a great movie, an afternoon work-late latte, an extra two hours of staying up on the weekend – just doesn’t feel worth it.

The fact of the matter is your sleep and stress levels massively affect your holistic well-being, energy, and mood.

Good thing we don’t believe in “all or nothing.” If you don’t follow the perfect sleep scenario to the letter, don’t start thinking you’re a lost cause. 

There’s a way out: discovering how to meditate before bed.



Meditation newbies are welcome here. Before beginning, activate your senses and reconnect with your body

Meditation isn’t intuitive to everyone, but it is open to everyone. There’s not a single person who can’t meditate; they just have to learn how.

Before you ever get started, get in touch with the physical: your body.

There are a few ways to do this, and all of them are entirely valid. Just as meditation is personal to each individual, so too is activating your senses.

Some sleep-seekers prefer light exercise like yoga. Simple stretches for stress and anxiety-like those in this MadFit youtube video are often invaluable.

Others prefer physical self-care with aromatherapy. Our Evening Aromatherapy Candle is infused with the equivalent of two 10ml bottles of pure essential oils to deliver a serene and precise experience to transform your most essential space. It’s an excellent option for activating your senses and relaxing your mind while inhaling and exhaling in your meditation exercises.



Find a quiet, peaceful area where you can relax unseen and unbothered

Part of learning how to meditate before bed is learning how to disconnect yourself from the outside world. 

If the first time you attempt to disconnect is during the meditation itself, distractions will still overflow.

To avoid that happening, enter a peaceful, tidy space with the decor you love, scents that calm you, and no interruptions.

If such a place sounds like a far-away, unattainable dream, read our story on how to make your bedroom a serene sanctuary. This reality of having a sanctuary in your home is within your reach and is surprisingly simple to achieve.



Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and focus on an intention for your evening meditation session

Before you meditate, you will ideally have a goal in mind. What do you wish for most? 

Intentions are just for you, and they can be as vague or as specific as you like.

Mantras such as “I will be kind to myself tomorrow,” “I will forget my work struggles when I am at home with my children,” or even “I am happy” can be intensely powerful.

Learning how to set intentions for your home with beautiful habits is part of making meditation something special in your life.

Aromatic eye pillows can surround you with tension-easing scents, pleasant weight, and complete darkness if you struggle with finding your calm during intention-setting. 



Eye pillows trigger your body to detach from any distracted overthinking and allow you to re-focus. 


Choose the meditation that resonates with you most deeply

There are many meditations for sleep that work in different ways, and as meditation is an individual journey, your choice will be tailored to you.

The similarities in all meditations are letting go of outside thoughts, breathing deeply, and allowing yourself to float into dreams.

Guided sleep meditation is incredibly popular. You can see examples from Headspace, with short, 1-minute guided meditations. There are enough available that you can find the one that works best for you.

Finding your perfect “sleepcast” is another option. These are typically longer and can range wildly in content. 

Some sleepcasts are true meditations, and others are merely relaxing stories to guide your visualizations, slow your breathing, and usher in feelings of peace and safety. 

If you’re willing to sit up before bed, you can also choose to practice a meditation that engages the body. Sara Ivanhoe provides a step-by-step sitting sleep meditation on, but there are many such resources.

Reconnecting with your body, setting intentions, and finding a calm respite will make your meditation experience truly beneficial, no matter what you prefer.



Learning how to meditate before bed improves your sleep and your connection to yourself

Many roads to sleeping well and finding balance are, at their core, about managing stress. 

Stress and anxiety can threaten to take over our lives, creating physical and mental problems. But it does not have to be this way. 

You can release yourself from the grip of stress and learn how to sleep well again without giving up your time or things you love. Simple acts of self-care and mindful rituals bring you to your most balanced self and allow you to enjoy relaxation. 

At L’Beauxtique, we want to help you reinvent your relationship with stress. To join us, subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter – we value your time and will never clutter your inbox. 



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