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How to Protect Your Skin From the Sun During Summer With Natural Ingredients

How to Protect Your Skin From the Sun During Summer With Natural Ingredients

We hear about heart-healthy cereals, avoiding smoking, and exercising regularly, but how often do people remind us to take care of our skin? Care for your body by protecting your skin from the sun, using the power of plants.

Summer dries us out. UV rays, chlorine, sweat, heat… is there anything that doesn’t contribute to uncomfortable feelings of dryness and unhealthy skin

The most significant contributor to wrinkles and more serious health problems is, ultimately, sun damage. That means we need to make sure to wear UV protective sunscreen (don’t worry - if you always avoid synthetic chemicals, here’s a recipe for natural beeswax and non-nano zinc oxide sunscreen!). But what about adding natural skincare?

Taking care of our skin is good for us, so from a health perspective, hydration is endlessly beneficial. It keeps our skin fresh, supple, and youthful. But plant-based skin support is also luxurious, relaxing, and all-around good for the mind and body.



How long does it take for the sun to damage skin

We know that sun exposure is soothing and relaxing, however, skin damage caused by the sun can vary by skin type. High levels of exposure to UV rays over 5-15 minutes could be enough to start causing sunburn or skin damage. That’s why it’s extremely important to learn how to prevent sunburns and protect your skin from the sun.



How to protect the skin from sun damage naturally

If you want to protect skin from sunburn,  use Aloe vera 

The best thing you can do to avoid burns is just stay out of the sun. Life happens to us all, though, and sometimes we slip up. After a fantastic day falling asleep on the beach, when you’re red as a lobster, turn to the healing power of Aloe vera

Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis miller) is a common succulent. There’s a good chance you’ve got one of these light-lovers in your home right now!




Aloe vera has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It works to cool, hydrate and soothe skin from the inflammation associated with sunburn. That means we heal faster, are in less pain, and don’t get as many “sun spots” or scars!

If you do have one of these little magic plants, just take a section, wash it, cut it open, and apply the gel inside to your burn! You can get creative by scraping it out, whipping it, refrigerating it, or whatever strikes your fancy. No matter how you slice it, it’ll save your skin. Check with your medical practitioner first, however, for any hypersensitivity or allergies towards Aloe vera. 

Be sure to drink lots of water, take cool showers, stay out of the sun, and re-apply fresh or gel Aloe vera (with no added fragrances - just powerful plants) as often as possible. You’ll heal up in no time!



If you want to protect skin without sunscreen, apply beeswax 

Honeybees naturally create beeswax. It’s actual wax, made with no synthetics, plastics, or harmful products. By nature, for nature! And, harvesting the wax isn’t bad for the bees - no “animal product” related guilt here!



Beeswax is best used to create a protective layer on the skin. Unlike Aloe vera, which heals after a burn, you can use beeswax to hold protective ingredients on your skin and prevent the burn in the first place.

It’s solid at room temperature and all-natural, making it the perfect consistency to create natural sunscreens, lotions, and balms. (Here’s that recipe for natural beeswax sunscreen again! And this website has options for beeswax lotions and balms.)

Since it’s relatively waterproof, it’s great for days where you’ll be sweating or at the pool. Make sure to use an oil-based cleanser to remove any beeswax products from your face, though - your skin needs to breathe overnight!

Natural products like beeswax are super effective when it comes to skincare. Its holistic anti-inflammatory properties make it soothing and hydrating, keeping your skin looking young. So, use beeswax to create waterproof hydrating and protective products at home, and rest assured that all the ingredients you’re using are safe and powerfully beneficial.



Vitamins and foods for sun protection

A daily intake of Vitamin D and Vitamin C and help with sun protection, you don’t need to ingest it in a pill, you can simply add some of these foods for sun protection to your diet:

  • Salmon/tuna fish/sardines
  • Orange juice
  • Eggs
  • Non fat vitamin D fortified milk
  • Cereal fortified with vitamin D
  • Swiss cheese



Pamper and repair your skin after spending time outdoors with daily serums

Aloe vera helps when we need immediate healing, and beeswax helps to protect. But daily routines are what really help our skin stay supple, youthful, and hydrated. Applying plant-based products daily can help repair the damages of everyday life.

Using intense, formulated, botanical serums like L’Beauxtique’s Evening Body Serum keeps your skin moisturized and glowing. 


L’Beauxtique’s Evening Body Serum: A transformative remedy for senses, stress and sleep.

This daily hydration means that your skin never goes thirsty, so it’s healthy enough to bounce back from anything. Vitamin E and Omega fatty acids provide chemical-free moisture all day, every day! 

The essential oils found in our signature Evening Body Serum also carry delicate aromas, embracing you with an aura of relaxation and ensuring that every time you apply, you’re in for a precious moment of self-care. Intrigued?

Check out our blog post about how essential oils benefit your skin the right way



Go outside guilt-free using natural ingredients to protect your skin from the sun and nourish your skin at night with our signature serum

Take care of  your skin with the ingredients it needs to keep you feeling good this summer. Chlorine’s got nothing on your routine!

Avoid using harsh skin care products and embrace natural methods for safeguarding and pampering your skin this summer. Feel the sun on your face, spend time in nature,  stay active and nourish your skin at night, all without sun damage or dryness.Your soft, smooth, pillowy skin will thank you. 

For more tips on ditching the chemicals and embracing natural beauty and wellness, subscribe to our newsletter! 



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