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Calm is your greatest strength.

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Setting Intentions and Meditating With a Candle at Home

Setting Intentions and Meditating With a Candle at Home

Your space defines your energy and mood  

Each space in your home carries with it a different energy, and each is important to clear your mind and feel at balance. Setting intentions and meditating with candles creates peaceful moments that are yours to treasure.  

Every room of your home makes up a part of the whole, but at the same time, they carry with them different energies, setting boundaries and distinctions in your mood. If any part of this energy is off, the entire system is set off balance. 

The family room is a place to come together and feel the togetherness of the people you love most. Kitchens capture the communal feeling of eating together, cooking for everyone in your home. Office spaces are streamlined, energetic, and productive. 

When you look at how the spaces in your home must be intertwined and how important each one is for your well-being, setting intentions  for each space is crucial to make your home a serene sanctuary.





Preparing your space for meditating with  a candle  


Declutter your rooms and pick your meditation area

Clutter is useless. Items you don’t use, or items you don't love, distract and block your energy. Start with the most important room in your home: either the one that is the most cluttered and stressful, or your favorite room that you want to make perfect. 

Do you love every piece of art you have? Each sweater? Do you have a “what if I like these again someday” pair of shoes, or a “I’m sure I’ll find a use for this somewhere” nail from a kit? Toss it, recycle it or if you can, donate it. 

Take a page from the book of Marie Kondo and practice the KonMari method, systematically going through your home and selecting only the items that serve you well. 

Once you have the meditation space of your choice, it’s time to prepare the ambience for connecting with your mind and breaths.

Prepare your energy and cleanse your space for meditating

To introduce new positive energy, you must first rid your home of any negative energy. Decluttering was the first step, and now it’s time to focus on cleansing. 

Plants introduce clean air and purify your home. Not just metaphorically - indoor plants literally purify the air. The bigger, greener, and leafier, the better. Make sure that every space in your home has at least one or two plants. 

Pick an aromatherapy candle for fostering your mind-body connection

The relaxing scents and aura of candles move the air around your home, relaxing your mind and reducing your stress and improving the mind-body connection – putting you in the prime position to set intentions and manifest positive energy. 

If we may suggest, our Evening Aromatherapy Candle is a great option for your meditation practice. Inhale meticulously chosen essential oils like Cardamom, Cedarwood Atlas, and Yuzu that bring a state of ultimate relaxation to embark on a special moment.


Set an intention for your meditation practice  

There are methods for how to set intentions and manifest, but you can practice setting intentions in whichever way feels right to you. 

Make sure everything is quiet, or you have some soft music playing. 

Set your candle alight in the center of the room. 

Look around the room, and appreciate the choices you’ve made today, what you love  most about them, and  think about the intention you want to set for closing your day with gratitude. 



Start meditating with a candle and drift away into a peaceful moment

Focus on the flame. Breathe in, breathe out. Observe your thoughts as they slowly appear and let them fade away.

Focus on the flame and your breath. Spend the amount of time that your mind and body needs to relax and unwind. Before you know it, you’ll notice that incorporating aromatherapy while meditating with a candle can help you relax. You’ll notice how the stress from your day has escaped your mind and body.



What type of candle is best for meditation

While there are a several options to choose from, we definitely reccomend using an aromatherapy candle made with pure and authentic essential oils because it triggers your parasympathetic system and helps with stress reduction. Plus, you're inhaling something good, not synthetic fragrances.



Candle gazing meditation benefits

Staring consistently at a flame can help you increase focus, mental health, sleep quality and eye health. Candle gazing meditation is a technique that has its roots in Indian yoga practice. It is also known to help open your third eye chakra which is known to be an energetic area between our eyebrows that is associated with spirituality and purpose.

These mindful habits build up over time, and eventually your home and your mind become aligned and purposeful. 



Your beautiful habits make room for your beautiful mind 

Habits are the actions we take every day, good or bad. Consistently practicing everyday rituals like meditating with a candle, are key for beginning and ending each day with a purposeful act of self-care.

Every room in your home connects to the other to make up part of a whole, just as every intention, habit, and ritual makes up part of your energy. Each step is important, and taken together, they can transform your life.

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