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4 pampering beauty wellness rituals

Welcome to your sanctuary for repose. Dive in: we've curated four rituals for you to practice on repeat.

A Boost Of Energy

Morning wellness ritual

You're a morning person, productive during the week, but you know how to relax on the weekends—cue a mani-pedi or spa day! Most days, you feel calm and centered. You're active, a little impulsive, and want to elevate your mood so that you can keep feeling more pumped with energy every day. Say no more.

Unwinding And Relaxing

Evening wellness ritual

You probably feel more productive in the evenings. However, you let your stressors stress you more and keep you up at night. On the weekends, you like to forget about your troubles by spending time in nature, but deep down, all you want is to learn how to reduce your stress and anxiety. Don't worry.

Unplugging And Recharging

Home spa wellness ritual

You have stressful days, but you know how to handle them. You're aware of your ups and downs, and sometimes a pampering session means Netflix and wine, other times, you say yes to that weekend getaway to an exciting city. You're energetic and looking for ways to ease down your energy with much-deserved self-care moments.

Finding Your Balance

Mindful wellness ritual

You're unpredictable. You take chances and are loved deeply by the people around you, friends or family. You go through life accepting the good and the bad. Relaxing means catching up with your sleep or daydreams. A weekend off means heading on an exciting unconventional adventure. However, you'd love to have a secret recipe for feeling calm and grounded most days.


Create your ritual for repose

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