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5 Simple Steps for a Pampering Evening Ritual

5 Simple Steps for a Pampering Evening Ritual

Your evening ritual is the only thing standing between you and a good night’s sleep

Creating a beautiful habit and evening ritual is what you need to finally relax and unwind before sleep. Make late evening a sacred time just for yourself.

In the past few years, people have been working remotely more than ever before, and that makes it harder and harder to “turn your brain off” before sleep.

A combination of blue light, the blurring of lines between work and home, and your mind constantly being “on” waiting for an email or slack message makes it harder and harder to feel rested.

But you deserve it, and peace is possible–more than possible. It’s necessary. 

Setting a routine allows the magic of wellness and self-care to flow into your life to help you sleep better, handle stress, and start your days feeling centered.

So, we’re sharing our 5-step evening ritual to ensure you get the rest you need to feel good again. Relieving stress takes 20 minutes, and it works. 


1. Shut off your work mode and make a plan for tomorrow.

The best part of ending a day is getting to plan for the next. And you might be thinking, why? Well, the whole point of turning off your “work mode” is to practice a final brain dump of all those things that are on your mind and were left hanging around.

This is the fun part because you get to leave for tomorrow, what you didn’t finish or do today. Creating these strict mental boundaries will make you release all the mental clutter that doesn’t allow you to relax in the evenings. 

Plan to wake up with enough time to enjoy your time before work, create a shortlist of what you plan to do, and quiet the part of your mind that worries about responsibilities. 

You know what needs to be done, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. 


2. Dim the lights and set the mood to get “out of the office.” 

The second part of embracing an evening routine is to let yourself clock out of work. In fact, make yourself clock out of work.

Set your availability to “away” on messaging – do not disturb, cannot come to the phone right now. Whatever it takes. This time is for you.

Then step into your bedroom, turn off harsh overhead lights in favor of lamps, and play some soft music. 


3. Begin the unwinding ritual to transition your mood to one of rest.

Your ritual is meant to trigger your body to disconnect. It’s not all in your mind – it’s a physical moment of letting go of looking at screens, speaking to people, and any restless thoughts. 

The most important part of this step is physically calming. Everyone is unique, and different techniques will speak to different personality types. If you dislike repetition, you could practice a different version of this evening ritual each night. Here are just a few of our favorite options:

Stretching and yoga are important for relaxing your muscles, soothing aches and pains, and grounding yourself. 

For a more luxurious immersion into a different world, take a relaxing bubble bath with your favorite scents. For nights where you have a little more time, take this step even further and enjoy a home spa experience.



Massage your muscles to trigger them to relax with hydrating oils or lotions - you can massage neck pain and relieve stress yourself at home. Choose scents that speak to you, reminding you of joyful occasions or when you were at your most peaceful. 

If you prefer a more passive act of self-care, take a short walk outside. Reconnection with nature is incredibly healing for mood and stress relief. Even walks on neighborhood or city streets give you fresh air, get the blood circulating in your body, and give you a chance to reflect and wind down. 

No matter how you choose to disconnect, your mind and body will thank you. 


4. Light a candle, loosen your body and read for 30 minutes before bed.

Your space has been cleansed from negative energy, your body has disconnected from stress, and your worries about the next day have been put to rest. 

Continue to stay away from blue light, and light a candle to soothe your mind with aromas that relax. 

Reading is a wonderful way to settle into bed, get cozy, and enjoy your last 30 minutes before bed. 


5. Settle in for a night of rest.

No screens or worries can come between you and a night of restful sleep. 

The last step of your peaceful evening ritual is drifting away. Our Aromatic Eye Pillow soothes exhausted eyes with a comfortable weight, delicate material, and gorgeously scented botanicals to provide true relaxation. 



Blocking out all light–even natural light–is key to maintaining your body’s natural sleep cycle and feeling rested. So, whether it be through blackout curtains or eye pillow, make sure your room is as dark as it can be. 


Taking care of yourself isn’t a chore, it’s a gift to yourself

Consistent evening rituals trigger great sleep, disconnect from work, feeling better, and ultimately, being happier. 

When it comes to your skin, sleep, and health, you deserve the best. Using vegan, natural products pampers your body with luxury and wholesome goodness. It also helps you live your values. High-quality, cruelty-free products are best for the earth and best for you. Check out our products and give yourself a wellness gift.

Treat yourself the way you would treat your very best friend or own family. The time has come to treasure your own wellness the way you value other people. 

If you want to continue on this journey of treating yourself beautifully, subscribe to our newsletter. We value your wellbeing too, and won’t ever clutter your inbox.



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