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Everything You Need to Know About a Hot vs. Cold Shower

Everything You Need to Know About a Hot vs. Cold Shower

Showering is one of those simple yet essential luxuries that makes you feel calm, centered, and connected

After a busy day of hustling at work, working out at the gym, caring for your family, and putting other people’s needs before your own, a long, hot shower is a sacred space where you can finally unwind and wash your worries away. Or maybe you prefer immersing yourself in a cold shower first thing in the morning to wake up, feel energized, and get your blood flow pumping.

Showering is one of those rituals we practice every day, but have you ever stopped and wondered, “which is better, hot or cold showers?” In reality, hot and cold showers are both great for your health in different ways. Let’s explore the benefits of hot and cold showers below.



Ice, ice baby: Cold shower benefits 

If you’re like most people, taking a cold shower might not be your first choice. But once you get used to them, cold showers can be refreshing and invigorating with many potential health benefits, including:

  • Better circulation
  • Reduced stress
  • Relief from pain, soreness, and fatigue 
  • Reduced inflammation 
  • Shinier hair
  • Calm itchy skin

You might consider taking a cold shower after working out to reduce muscle soreness or after getting out of bed in the morning. By increasing alertness, heart rate, and oxygen intake, cold showers can wake you up more quickly. 

Many experts say the biggest benefit of taking cold showers is increased circulation. When cold water contacts your skin, it constricts circulation on your body’s surface. As a result, the tissues deeper in your body circulate more quickly to maintain your body temperature. 



Health benefits of a hot shower

We all love a hot, steaming shower. If you love the feeling of steaming, delicious water on your skin, we have great news for you! Warm showers are also incredible for your health and offer the following benefits:

  • Helping you to fall asleep faster
  • Reducing the appearance of blemishes
  • Improving respiratory symptoms by opening up the airways
  • Releasing tension and relaxing your muscles

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, a hot shower could be the perfect remedy for letting go of stress, relaxing your muscles, and clearing your mind. Hot showers are also great for improving mobility for people with arthritis. 




Hot vs. cold shower: Which one is better?

Hot and cold showers offer health benefits and can be in your self-care ritual. Depending on the situation, there are times when a hot or cold shower might be better for you. 


Hot vs. cold shower after a workout

However you like to break a sweat—in the weight room, on your yoga mat, or on the treadmill—it’s essential to shower so you can cleanse your skin and relieve muscle tension. A cold shower can help your body recover faster by enhancing blood flow and reducing inflammation, making you feel less sore. 


Unwinding before bed

According to research, a hot shower or bath for at least 10 minutes 1-2 hours before bed improved participants’ sleep quality. Another study shows that taking a warm bath 11-15 minutes before bedtime lowered participants’ blood pressure. Based on these results, hot showers are better than cold ones for unwinding before going to sleep.  


Easing headache symptoms 

If you have a mild headache that won’t fade, taking a shower with warm water helps relax your muscles. A hot shower can help you treat a headache by easing tension.


Offering relief from sunburns

Picture this: You’re on the beach, it’s been a few hours since you last put on sunscreen, and the next thing you know, you’re red as a lobster. We’ve all been there. A cold shower can ease the heat and burning sensation the next time you get sunburned. 


Making your hair smoother and shinier 

Hot showers have the potential to dry out and irritate your skin—including your sebum layer, which protects your skin and hair. When it comes to maintaining healthy, shiny hair, cold showers have a leg up. 




Hot vs. cold shower: which one is more sustainable?

Not only are cold showers great for your health. They’re also better for the planet. The United States Department of Energy estimates that water heating makes up nearly 20 percent of the average home energy bill. By taking cold showers and buying sustainable bathroom products, you can save energy and enjoy your shower while still being eco-conscious! 



Shower yourself in mindful self-care every day

Maybe you prefer a hot shower to relax, a cold shower to wake up, or enjoy mixing up your routine. Whatever ritual you choose, make sure you combine it with mindfulness, meditation, and aromatherapy to make the most of this time you have for yourself. 

If you need a suggestion, check out our Evening Ritual Set, which comes with our Evening Body Serum, Dry Body Brush, Aromatherapy Candle, and a golden-finished metal candle wick trimmer. It’s perfect for an evening of pampering after showering.


Evening Body Serum


You deserve to look and feel your best, so make a shower ritual part of your daily self-care.

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Coincidentally, I have been finishing off my showers for the past week with a blast of cold water on my face and body (I’ll include the hair/scalp in the future). I have been hoping the cold blasts will invigorate my interior being which has become quite stodgy. Thank you for this confirmation that I’m somewhat on the right track!

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