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How to be More Mindful Throughout the Day

How to be More Mindful Throughout the Day

Live for you

Too often, we’re so busy living we forget what we’re living for. There’s a time and place for pushing yourself and productivity, but learning to be more mindful throughout the day brings you back in touch with your inner self. 

When you feel underwater, like emotions are rippling under the surface you can’t quite connect with, it’s time to reflect inward. 

When you practice how to be more mindful throughout the day, you’re bolstering the ever-important mind-body connection that grounds you in reality and puts you back in touch with yourself. 

The mind-body connection is the link between your body and mind – the endlessly complicated circuit of chemicals, neurons, emotions, feelings, and physical stimuli and triggers. 

Both inform each other, and the mind and the body cannot be separated. 

Caring for both the mind and the body is essential for holistic balance. Practice mindfulness throughout the day, every chance you can, to find that grounding.



Mindfulness begins when you make that choice to pursue balance 

There’s no “perfect timing” for mindfulness. In fact, practicing mindfulness as soon as your conscious mind awakes sets the tone for your entire day. 

Though we all wish we were capable of putting maximum effort into every endeavor, that’s not practical. You don’t need to sip homemade espresso atop an expensive yoga mat for two hours before work to practice listening to yourself. 

The only mindfulness techniques that work are the ones that work for you. So, if you find peace in intricate rituals, begin your day with yoga, a meditative beverage, silence, or journaling. 

But if you’re like many of us, morning mindfulness looks more like sitting upright in bed when you wake up and taking five to ten minutes to focus on your breath. 

Meditation is incredibly effective for tuning into the mind-body connection. No movement is required. 

Guided meditations are available for free everywhere and provide an incredible place to start. No judgment, just doing something wholesome and good for yourself.


Give your mind a break when you get one

We live in an incredibly fast-paced world, and often, the only break in the middle of our days is for lunch. Give yourself the full benefit of that break, and use the opportunity to do a bit of mind-resting self-care.  

Again, this sounds impressive–daily midday self-care? Every day?–but, in reality, it can be incredibly simple and soothing. 

It can be as easy as simply walking before or after lunch. 

Disconnect from your phone. Don’t even take it with you. No screens, no coworkers, no one but your mind and your body, coming together for a brief stroll. 

This takes very little effort but has incredible results. Humans are happiest when they can feel the air, sun, and wind around them, especially in green spaces. 

Give that gift to yourself every day.



Each meal presents an opportunity to connect with your desires 

Mealtimes are some of the most under-used opportunities to practice mindfulness techniques. But we eat at least three times a day–why not use this chance to connect with our desires?

Eating, to many people, is one of life’s truest joys. So why would we deny ourselves even truer pleasure by being particularly mindful while having a tasty snack?

There are no “good” and “bad” foods, and being mindful has little to do with critiquing your eating choices and habits. It has everything to do with permitting yourself to feel the indulgence, no matter your choice in a meal. 

A simple salad can be decadent when you are intentional. You taste every flavor note and enjoy the nutrients you’re providing your body. Every bite, from start to finish, matters! 

We deny ourselves joy and mute the mind-body connection when we mindlessly eat while participating in other activities. 

Take that enjoyment back for yourself, and begin truly mindful eating: just you and the potential for happiness. 



You deserve to end each day on a mindful note with a therapeutic skincare ritual

Your nightly ritual holds incredible rewards. 

Channeling mindfulness to achieve restful sleep is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Not only that, but you deserve to experience true pampering daily. 

A therapeutic skincare ritual accomplishes both of these needs.

You are worthy of all the benefits a therapeutic skincare ritual grants you. The first step to gaining all the benefits of your evening ritual is to accept that you are deserving. 

Natural aromatherapy during your evening skincare ritual can balance your mood and bring you calm, grounded peace–and, as a result, better sleep.


Evening Body Serum


Plant-based ingredients that soothe and calm the skin are absorbed, begin to work their magic, and smooth away the impacts of each day, relaxing the body’s outward signs of stress and worry with every soft, gentle massage.

Aromatherapy helps to calm the mind in tandem with nature’s powerful skin-loving ingredients, allowing every facet of the mind and body to be wrapped up in a calm, tranquil, daily evening ritual. 

Embrace the beautiful ritual that brings you the most mindful joy. L’Beauxtique’s Evening wellness ritual provides all the wholesome aromatherapeutic skincare you need to begin this new routine. 


When you learn how to be more mindful throughout the day, you’re simultaneously learning daily gratitude 

Each day provides many new opportunities to ground yourself on the earth, connecting to mindfulness time and time again. 

When you incorporate mindfulness techniques in your life, from the moment you awake to the moment you fall asleep, you will find yourself becoming grateful for the chance to be alive. 

Mindfulness isn’t just an elusive, abstract concept. At its core, it’s drawing you back into experiencing your own life. 

Mindfulness techniques nudge you to take in the full breadth of each moment, sparking the mind to feel an emotion and the body to recognize its function as the vessel that brings you through the world. 

What more could we ask for?

Live each day to the fullest, and remember your worth. Your impact on this world matters, and you deserve all the good things you would wish upon someone else. 

Gift our Evening Ritual Set to someone who deserves it, whether it’s you or someone you love deeply. The set is the pinnacle of mindful self-care, with everything you need to practice a wonderful evening ritual, from skincare to aromatherapy. 

We’re here to accompany you on your journey to mindful self-love. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter, where we share all we can about the mind-body connection and how to slow down and enjoy your life. We value your time, and we’ll never clutter your inbox.



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