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How to Create a Soulful Space for Meditation at Home

How to Create a Soulful Space for Meditation at Home

Meditation is the process of you finding your way back to peace

When you explore how to create a space for meditation in your home, you open yourself up to the potential for balance. 

You might have heard before that you should avoid doing tasks in places you intend to sleep–such as watching TV or working from bed. 

The same applies to your designated calm, mindful spaces. Leave work for designated work areas, and meditation for designated meditation spaces. 




Meditation spaces are specifically for mindful calm, peace, balance, and relaxation

Creating a physical environment to accompany your mental state can be an incredible help, especially if meditation doesn’t always come naturally. 

Learning how to create a space for meditation also changes your entire home environment. When you feel comfortable in your home, you feel safe and calm–increasing well-being. 

All of these factors link into a greater cycle of a slow, mindful lifestyle and balance. When meditation becomes a routine, other rituals are easier to accomplish, and healthy habits fall into place. 

If you’re new to the world of meditation, read our journal about how to meditate before bed and unruffle your mind to begin. 


Your meditation space is deeply personal. Here’s what you can include


If you have space to spare, you may prefer to use an entire room for meditation. Otherwise, choose a designated corner or table.  

Your meditation space should never be disturbed. This is part of what makes it so sacred–its consistency.  

Once your meditation space is finished, there is no preparation, no cleaning, no clutter involved. Your space should always be the same, and be reserved entirely for meditation–never multi-purpose. 


Explore your preferred color story. 

Before you design your space, choose the colors that bring you peace. 

For many, this means the colors of nature like blues, yellows, and greens. Others prefer a more mystical, darker, or richer color scheme, which can include deep red, purple, and even black. 

As in all things, choose what speaks to you. 



Lighting makes a huge difference. 

If you’re a morning person who prefers to meditate in order to start the day, use natural light or bright, joyful lamps. 

If you prefer a moodier atmosphere, soft lighting like salt lamps or candles   work wonderfully. 


Find scents that you connect with. 

Aromatics, memory, and emotion are intertwined. Choosing scents that calm you and bring you into a headspace of tranquility, calm, and happiness is incredibly important. 

You can choose different scents depending on your mood with essential oils, balms, candles, or incense. 

Meditation often complements natural scents that bring you closer to the earth like Jasmine, Sage, and Lavender


Infuse your personality into your space with impactful items and personal decor. 

The best meditation is the meditation that works for you. So, making it a space you love is a wonderful practice. 

You can ground yourself in physical items during meditation. Favorites include crystals, stones, plants, and candles

You can even bring yet another physical sense into play with pleasant auditory experiences like bells or small gongs. 




Still, minimalism is key.

The more items you have to examine, the more distracted you may become. 

If you love having personal touches or traditional Japanese influences around you, absolutely incorporate them into your meditation experience! 

But keep in mind that a meditation space has a specific function, which is to clear the mind and relax the soul. 

The artwork around you should make you feel calm and at peace–choose only your favorites, and try to keep your meditation space from becoming busy.


Discovering how to create a space for meditation is just the first step of finding balance in your life

Meditation is a beautiful pathway towards a holistic, balanced lifestyle. 

This is because meditation puts you in touch with your inner desires, fears, and thoughts, and this allows you to narrow your focus onto what truly matters to you. 

When you’re aware of who you are and what you desire, you’re more likely to pursue experiences that bring you true joy and satisfaction, rather than empty moments of fleeting pleasure.  

Meditation can therefore change your entire life. You may find yourself chasing your ambitions, confidence and optimism winning over fear.  

You may also feel your worries slowing down, as you arm yourself with the knowledge that you are capable of handling any difficulty. 

Our goal is to accompany you on your journey towards your new holistic lifestyle. For more conversations about wholesome, balanced living, sign up to our newsletter. We value your time, and we want to share this beautiful journey with you! 



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