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How to Hydrate Dry Skin Naturally

How to Hydrate Dry Skin Naturally

The joy of having beautifully nourished, hydrated skin is one one of life's most simple pleasures

Waking up to soft, glowing skin is a feeling that can’t be underestimated, yet with so many things in our day-to-day lives that can leave our skin feeling dry, keeping our skin deeply hydrated can be hard to maintain without the right natural product at hand. 

Having dull, malnourished skin can also lead to lack of confidence, low self esteem and stop us from experiencing the level of well-being and happiness that we all truly deserve. 

Using plant-based products on our skin has the power to bring our skin back to life. 

Let’s explore the best way to achieve radiant skin using non-toxic ingredients and how to hydrate dry skin naturally. 




Understanding what causes dry skin can make it easier to heal 


Free radicals 

Free radicals refer to pollution and other toxins within our daily lives that can lead to a breakdown of our skin’s collagen. This has been shown to result in poor skin conditions such as dehydration along with more long-term skin damaging effects such as sagging skin, dark spots and wrinkles. 



If you live in a cooler part of the world, it is common to experience dry, flaky skin as a result. Living in a warmer environment can often lead to oilier skin. 

Explore our advice on how to control oil skin naturally if you want to tackle an oily skin problem.


Harsh skin products 

If we don’t take time to understand the individual needs for our skin, it should come as no surprise that using the wrong chemicals and harsh products can create problems. These can range from irritation, dryness, cracking of the skin and redness. 


Hormonal changes

Hormonal imbalances are one of the most common reasons that women experience a change in the hydration levels of their skin. 

When estrogen levels are low, dry skin is often the result. This can happen throughout various stages of a woman’s life, including their menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause. 



Why your skin may still be dry after moisturizing it 

When understanding how to hydrate dry skin naturally, it’s important to remember that prioritizing the right products in your skincare regime is the best way to look after it and ensure that toxic chemicals aren’t causing long-term damage. 

The three steps below can help you to prioritize your skin’s hydration and maintain radiant, nourished skin: 


1. Spend time choosing the right moisturizer for your skin

Although using more natural ingredients on your skin will help to reduce hydration issues, it's still important to understand which natural ingredients are best for skin type.

The benefits from using natural ingredients on your skin can vary, however choosing the right essential oils can leave your skin feeling completely replenished and rejuvenated. 

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia): Using Bergamot in your skincare regime is known to soothe and rejuvenate skin.  

Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata): Ylang Ylang is a healing powerhouse and has antioxidant effects that could help aid skin renewal.  

Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica): Another natural essential oil with the intention of healing, Cedarwood has anti-inflammatory properties to help with skin conditions such as eczema.  


2. Set a specific time each day to moisturizer your skin and stick to it 

Moisturizing your skin morning and night is a good regime, to ensure your skin is getting hydrated before the day begins and can also work its magic whilst you sleep. 

If you can, practice applying moisturizer directly after your shower or bath (when your skin is freshly cleansed and damp) as this will help to absorb the product into your skin and have a deeper effect.



3. Try a serum 

Using a serum is particularly useful as it has protective and emollient properties that can reduce transepidermal water loss (TEWL), improving skin hydration and skin barrier integrity.

Explore our tips on 5 reasons to switch to vegan serums.



Your skin can quickly become nourished and moisturized with botanical oils

What better way to utilize the moisturizing properties of botanical oils than to apply them directly onto these dyer parts of your skin? 

There are many botanical oils that can be used on the skin to help prevent water loss, and we have listed some of our favorite’s below. 


Coconut Oil 

It's important to use liquid coconut oil or ‘fractionated coconut oil’ when applying to your skin. 

Simply take one tablespoon of oil and rub it into the skin generously, leaving as little residue as possible. Coconut oil can also be left on overnight for a deeper conditioning skincare practice. 


Vitamin E Oil 

A heavier and more nourishing option, Vitamin E oil is praised for its hydration properties and works as a beautiful alternative to everyday moisturizer on those days when you are looking for a touch of extra nourishment. 


Almond Oil

A practice that has been used for centuries, almond oil has many moisturizing properties and can also improve complexion and skin tone. 

Simply apply a small drop of almond oil each night before bed, and let the softness of almonds work their magic into your skin overnight. 



Hydrating your skin naturally is key for achieving glowing skin and feeling beautiful 

Our Evening Body Serum is the perfect remedy for mastering how to keep dry skin nourished.  

With a curated blend of eight essential oils and six botanical oils, each ingredient plays a role in making skin smooth and supple for a dreamy evening relaxation ritual before bed.

Our unique, synergistic blend melts away those stressful days while nourishing skin simultaneously with vitamins and Omega fatty acids.


Give yourself a luxurious hydrating experience with our Evening Body Serum



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