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The Benefits of Face Rollers and How to Include them in your Skincare Routine

The Benefits of Face Rollers and How to Include them in your Skincare Routine

Your face is beautiful, and so is every inch of your skin. That’s why learning the benefits of face rollers and how to use them correctly can do wonders for looking and feeling like your best self.

Almost overnight, face rollers have quickly become one of the most simple yet sought after tools in our beauty cabinets. 

That dreamy, refreshed sensation we experience after having a facial is one that we could all use more of in our lives and these little magic wands give us that blissful feeling, all from the comfort of our own home.

Gone are the days of having to spend hours and hours on drawn-out self-care routines. Face rollers help you to incorporate more mindfulness into your skincare and in as little as ten minutes a day.  Let’s discuss what face rollers can actually do for your skin and most importantly, overall happiness and well-being.



But first, are face rollers effective?

Using a face roller is similar to any other skincare process - if you follow the process correctly, you will almost always find that it works. 


How often should you use a face roller?

Face rollers are safe to use everyday, once a day, and the best results are achieved with consistency and commitment to the process. We love turning daily habits into rituals.  


What are the most common types of face rollers?


Rose Quartz

A great option for a face roller due its inherent minerals and ability to stay at a consistently cool temperature. Rose Quartz face rollers can be found in both real and artificial makes and this gemstone has been known to support emotional healing.


A good choice for those with more oily or acne prone skin, using a Jade face roller can help with blood circulation and also support acne scarring. 

Black Obsidian 

Black Obsidian is known for offering protective qualities and one that helps to remove as much bad energy as possible, so it's no surprise that using an Obsidian roller can induce feelings of calm and stress relief. 


Recognized over centuries for its deep healing properties, Amethyst face rollers can help with balancing out emotions and calming the nervous system.




Harness the soothing benefits of face rollers:


1. They support lymphatic flow and drainage.

Lymphatic drainage has been recognized as a great way of removing toxins and unwanted bacteria from the body for centuries, and face rollers have also been known to support this process.

By rolling the wand in the correct direction and in the right away, face rollers can help with removing fluid buildup. 


2.  Face rollers can reduce puffiness and inflammation.

Inflammation in the face can be caused for a variety of reasons, and using a face roller can help to decrease puffiness in the skin and boost blood flow, leading to a smoother, more even skin appearance overall.  


3. They cool and soothe the skin helping to calm anxiety and stress.

Cold water therapy has helped to calm anxiety and feelings of uneasiness for decades, and cool face rollers have been known to do the same. Our faces deserve a little self-care too, and using a face roller is similar to a mini massage for your face. 


4.  Face rollers help to apply skincare products more evenly. 

They are perfect for ensuring that all those well-loved skincare products are deeply absorbed to the skin for ultimate effectiveness.

Simply dab your desired product onto the tip of the roller, ensure it is covered at each end, and begin rolling across the face. 



How to use a face roller correctly for a magical glow up

Face rolling is known by many skincare and beauty lovers as a true art, and one that can lead to wonderful results when performed correctly. 

Below, we’ve listed three core rules that will help you to achieve the best results possible: 


Pay attention to the direction and order of the stroke.

Face rollers should always be rolled upwards, then taken off the skin and stroked again. The lower part of the face should be the starting point, taking the wand along the jawline and out towards the ear. 

The cheekbones and middle section of the face is next, and then onto the eyebrows and forehead to finish. 


The repetition and pressure of the stroke should be at least 5 times. 

All strokes should be repeated a minimum of five times, and should be placed on the skin with gentle but ample strength to achieve desired results.



Store your face roller in the fridge. 

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting benefits of face rollers is their incredible ability to support the skin in looking refreshed - even on those days when you don’t feel it. 

Keeping your face roller in the fridge is a great way of attaining the tightest pores and achieving that ‘awake’ look that we all strive for. 

This is a great option for those attending events later in the evening and who might be in need of a little skin pick-me-up. 


Begin your journey towards a holistic self-care ritual from head to toe

Although starting your skincare routine with a face roller is a great way to achieve the highest levels of self-care, a more holistic approach must be taken in order to achieve beauty from head to toe. 

For a full body massage and skincare ritual, our Evening Body Serum is a transformative remedy for senses, stress and sleep and will help you to complete the full self-care ritual from start to finish.

A soothing and luxurious serum that can be used directly after a relaxing shower and absorbs into the skin quickly, allowing you to drift off to a peaceful nights sleep with the help of calming Jasmine, Cardamom and Cedarwood. 

We’re here to help you on the path to holistic wellness, for keeping up with mindful habits subscribe to our newsletter, we value your time and want to share this journey with you.



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