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Calm is your greatest strength.

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3 Unique Sensorial Techniques for Stress Management

3 Unique Sensorial Techniques for Stress Management

Don’t let stress control you

Stress is your body’s fight-or-flight response. You can take control of anxiety and all the symptoms that come with it with sensorial techniques for stress management.

Your mind and body work together to keep you functioning, but this relationship can also have hard-to-handle effects.

Adrenaline and feeling alert were once needed for survival, but now these feelings just keep us up at night. And in the modern world, there are a million triggers for an autonomous stress response.

You might even feel it when you hear the notification for an unexpected after-work email (yet another reason to keep your phone on silent!).

You’re not alone. And, as much as it might not feel like it, you’re still in control.

Use the mind-body connection to break the cycle of stress. (Want to know more? We explain all things mind-body connection in our Journal.)

You’ll be healthier, well-rested, and relaxed. The secret? Sensorial techniques for stress management.


Change your environment and soak in a warm bath

Getting yourself out of your stress zone and into a new environment is key to jumpstarting the process of de-stressing. 

Get your body away from the “danger” (even if it’s just looking at the paperwork on your desk!), and into a completely safe space. 

A warm bath is the best way to take advantage of your body’s natural responses. The practice of hot water submersion has been used for centuries, from hot springs to the modern-day. In response, your skin actually releases endorphins, similar to how feeling sunshine can cheer you up.



More than that, a hot bath can become a beautiful ritual.   Adding essential oils to the water fills the entire room with delicious aromas, prompting you to wind down (note: always combine essential oils with a dispersant such as honey or salts and add to the bath once you are in it).


Keep in mind that different oils have different benefits. Need a refresher? We discussed 9 benefits of using essential oils a few months ago. Particular highlights for mental calm and clarity include Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile) and Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum).


Get a luxurious massage

Massage releases the physical tension in your body, which in turn releases mental tension.

This works both ways – you might be tense because of stress or stressed because of tenseness you didn’t know you were holding.

A good massage feels luxurious, but it’s not vanity. Ease headaches, aches, and pains, and focus solely on your body for just an hour.

This time spent away from stressors and surrounded by physical relaxation can break that cycle of stress. Over time, you’ll be able to train yourself to step back from worries and symptoms of anxiety, even if you’re not on the massage table.

These things take time, and being kind to yourself is part of the process.


Melt away your worries with aromatherapy

Aromatherapy transports you into a new world.

The sensorial technique of using aromatherapy to de-stress is often overlooked, but in reality, it’s one of the most important ways to bring your mind and body into a restful balance.

Scent is hugely important to our perception of the world. Much of our memories are triggered by specific aromas. Even incredible food wouldn’t be half as good without your sense of smell.

Another way to have an experience with scent is with our Evening Body Serum, a luxurious aromatic moisturizer that brings you into connection with your skin, body, and all the blissful experiences of high-quality aromatherapy.


Shop the L’Beauxtique Evening Body Serum. 


Our serum melds a blend of mainly steam-distilled and cold-pressed botanicals with intense moisturizers, all hand-tailored specifically to trigger the ultimate relaxation.

Consistency is key for bringing down your stress levels over time. Discovering a new, stress-free, you shouldn’t be a once-a-week treat; it should be part of your daily ritual.


These sensorial techniques for stress management introduce you to your best self

Stress is never necessary. You can meet your deadlines, accomplish your goals, and be a healthy, productive person without the worry. In fact, you’ll probably be even better.

Most importantly, you are not only what you accomplish. You are how you feel.

You live in your mind and your body, and you always will. Your body is intelligent. Caring for it and truly embracing your mind-body connection will bring you into a balance that you never thought possible.

It’s so important to make intentional relaxation a ritual, not just a treat for special occasions. Relaxing is the goal, and a less stressful life and happier you is the outcome.

We want to bring you real advice for balance and well-being. We’ll never crowd your inbox – subscribe to our newsletter below.



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