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Give Yourself the Gift of Time

Give Yourself the Gift of Time

Time seems to pass by so quickly these days

We all know the routine. Each day, we plan new tasks, hurriedly checking off items on our to-do lists, all the while managing to - somehow - shower, brush our teeth, and grab a granola bar. It can all turn into a blur before we know it. Maybe it’s time to gift yourself a little compassion and care.

No matter the revolving door of responsibilities, time demands, and tasks, there is always one constant in your life: you. You’re the one running the show, but it can feel like you’re also the most neglected part of it.


Take some time to spend with you

In today’s world, we forget to value ourselves. But you’re the one accomplishing all your goals and taking care of everybody else - it wouldn’t hurt to remember that someone has to take care of you, too. 

It’s true, you’re busy - but even ten minutes of mindful pampering a day can remind you that your busy life begins and ends with you.

Spending time alone to relax and recharge can help you jumpstart a new day or wind down after a long one. The addition of even a few essential self-care items can help prompt your brain to recognize that these moments are just for you.

Candles with your favorite scent can help set your mood. They add a gentle warmth and light, making any room that you’re in feel a little more special. Their subtle fragrances allow your brain to make the connection that it’s time to relax, especially if you light them every time you’re settling in for a little “you” time.


Evening Aromatherapy Candle


The best part is, you probably already own a candle or two. Use one scent at a time to signal that it’s time to relax - this creates an automatic stress-relief response every time we use it!

It’s winter right now, and our skin can get dry, especially with all the extra hand-washing these days. Taking time every day to hydrate our skin with a body butter or lotion not only moisturizes but lets you take the time to appreciate the body that keeps you going. 

Our bodies allow us to move, to run all those errands. Our hands, continually writing, typing, or even taking care of children, deserve their moment. Taking care of your skin, reminding yourself that your body is beautiful and healthy helps to get in the mindset of appreciation and self-love, which we could all use these days.


Take hydration a step further with a restorative body serum.

Sometimes, lotion alone isn’t enough to protect and smooth our skin throughout winter. Using a fast-absorbing serum like the delicately aromatic Evening Body Serum before the rest of your moisturizing routine perfectly complements an evening of self-care.


Evening Body Serum: A magical scent perfect for unraveling & relaxing.


The carefully curated essential oil blend within the Evening Body Serum prompts your mind to recognize that self-care, self-appreciation, and self-love has begun. Its perfectly balanced notes designed to meld mind and body allows you to wind down after a day of intense to-dos.  

After this simple routine, get ready for bed with a cup of tea, your favorite show, or a good book. It’s time to relax and unwind to stay prepared for another day ahead.


Taking time to relax and recharge will help you succeed in every part of your fast-paced life.

Gifting yourself a pampering session doesn’t have to be time-consuming, and in fact, should be something you do every day. Your body never takes a day off from supporting you, uplifting you, and keeping you going - you shouldn’t take a day off from celebrating and loving it, even if it’s just for ten minutes.



Time alone to process your thoughts and emotions, settling in for just a few minutes of nothing but self-care, is invaluable to protecting your mind from the stressors of everyday life. 

It’s a gentle reminder that you are in charge, that you matter, and those worries, anxieties, and responsibilities that can feel overwhelming can’t - ahem - hold a candle to the force that is you. You’re capable of anything!

But no one can keep running on empty forever. Though it can seem like there isn’t enough time in the day, you deserve to be taken care of - making yourself a priority is a life-long habit, one that will help you keep going through the hard spots. 

Surrounding yourself with comforting scents and refreshing your body with hydrating, aromatic serums and lotions takes just a few minutes - but the positive effects will last throughout every moment of your day. Don’t miss this valuable gift of time for you!



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