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How to Reinvent your Relationship with Stress

How to Reinvent your Relationship with Stress

Life is about balance. Love and life, work and home, health and habits

Stress is part of our lives, and it's time to make it work for us. While we can't avoid it, we can choose how to work with it. When we feel stress, it's merely an indicator that our bodies are telling us we need to calm down when we're feeling authentic, raw emotions -- we must learn to listen to these signals, acknowledge them, accept them, and design our own beautiful rituals to respond to them.

Stress can be something good and great, and at L'Beauxtique, we're all about sharing how to use stress to empower your mindset and remain balanced most of the time. 

When's the last time you felt a real passion for a project without the worry that it might fail? Have you ever achieved a degree, a lifestyle overhaul, or a promotion without even a shred of anxiety? Probably not.

These powerful emotions can push you to succeed. Learn how to work with stress and make it work for you, not against you.

You have a great partner, the job you always wanted. You're killing it. And it's probably keeping you up at night.

What if these things disappear, and it all goes wrong? What if your relationship crumbles or things don't work out in your dream career?  (If that last one speaks to you, we wrote an article about how to live as a stress-free working woman in today's world.)

These worries are natural and normal. So, reframe how you think about them to turn fear into action.

First of all, recognize that your fear of losing what you have means that you really love it. Fear is good. It's scary, but mixed with ambition, it can be powerful.

Keep the mantra "the grass is greener where you water it." You've put time and effort into earning what you have -- put that effort into keeping it without letting fear of failure paralyze you.



Recognize that having fear in your life won't add any value if you don't learn to choose what to do with your fear.

If you fear your relationship is crumbling, why not foster more communication with your partner? If you feel insecure at your job, do you lack training or knowledge in a specific topic? Then buy a book, educate yourself, and look for answers to nurture your insecurities and feed your mind until you feel like you're ready for your next promotion. 


Stress signals mean it's time to create habits for your own beautiful rituals 

When you are lost and your mind-body connection is broken, it's easy to get wrapped up in your thoughts or forget where you are. Grounding exercises can break these unhealthy thought loops and patterns, allowing you to experience the abstract thinking that encourages problem-solving while reminding you that hey! You exist! You're here, and you're okay!

After acknowledging your mind-body connection, it's time to create your own beautiful ritual (if you don't have one yet). Rituals are needed, and they're yours to choose ultimately -- whether it's meditating, journaling, relaxing your muscles, or giving yourself a pampering massage with magical scents to calm your nervous system. Rituals are for you to enjoy, and they should become non-negotiable in your life to handle your stressors.

Appreciate your body, soothe your soul, and keep yourself grounded with your evening routine - breathe in delicate aromas, relax, and pamper your skin, reminding yourself you are enough.



Our Evening Body Serum provides the perfect opportunity for this daily self-appreciation and grounding. Don't let another day go by without taking hold of your stress and telling it, "Not today. I'm busy breathing in Bergamot and Yuzu."


Stressed about your past? Learn how to self-reflect, not obsess 

The last type of stress that we'll talk about is common and so frustrating. It's not the fear of how things will be in the future. It's the fear of what already was.

It's called ruminating -- thinking about how we have previously acted. Could you have done better? Did you make the wrong choices? Did you make a bad first impression?

Too much thinking like this disconnects you from reality (like severing the mind-body connection we talked about above). It makes you self-centered, focused only inwards, ignoring other people and the world around you in favor of thinking about yourself.

But, remember, you're here to learn about how to make stress work for you, not against you.

Self-reflection is the answer when your past is haunting you. Self-reflect, but don't obsess. Be aware of your past choices and actions, recognize patterns that make you uncomfortable, and make a mental promise to improve for the future. 

Set intentions and practice self-promise in your beautiful rituals to improve your decisions or interactions, but don't haunt yourself about what you can't change. The past is the past. The present and what you choose now are what matters. 


Let go of what you can't change

Like always comes the simplest yet hardest part. It's easy to tell yourself to learn to let go, but cleansing your energy to unburden yourself from a weight carried on your shoulders can help you learn to let go.



Let go of what no longer serves you, and feel encouraged that you're actively doing what you can. Pick your battles, and learn to close the doors you can't control.

You're doing your best, trying to become the best person you can be. Choose what not to care about.


You can't eliminate all your stressors, but learning to deal with stress means choosing how you react to them   

Stress can push you to succeed, show you how strongly you feel about your ambitions, encourage self-reflection, and give you reasons to practice self-care. 

But always keep in mind that this is you choosing to reframe the parts of life that will be with you forever and channel them into making you grow. You are at the helm of your own life and actions.

Stress can work for you and lead you into being the most secure, worry-free version of yourself. It's not easy at first, but it will be over time. And you're here reading about how to change your stress, so you've taken the first step. 

Channel that strength, and meet the most centered, balanced version of yourself - waiting for you to unleash her.

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