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The Benefits of Argan Oil and its Common Uses

The Benefits of Argan Oil and its Common Uses

Dotingly referred to as “liquid gold” or the “tree of life” to the Berber peoples of Morocco, the Argan tree has continued to bless us for centuries with a wealth of benefits that have supported individuals through the process of healing, restoring and replenishing. Especially those with hectic lifestyles who may not always have the luxury of time.

With all of the innate wellness properties of Argan oil (Argania spinosa), it only makes sense that we devote an article to the therapeutic powers that this amazing plant has on our health.




Where does Argan oil come from?

For centuries, Argan oil extraction was seen as a labor of love and a symbolic ode to Moroccan culture. From the harvesting of the fruit to the extracting of its defined oils, this process called for intention, patience and love.

The Argan tree is indigenous to Morocco as its soils continue to provide the most nourishing grounds for this long-standing tree and its bulb-like fruits to flourish. These nutritious fruits are then gently plucked from the branches and opened to reveal a precious oil-rich kernel.

Historically, this sought-after kernel would then be slowly dried out in the sunshine. Following this process, each kernel would be ground and kneaded with a stone to produce a golden-hued paste.  

Nowadays, these kernels are dried cold-pressed by a mechanical press in order to produce a delightfully luxurious and renowned natural oil. Better yet, by cold pressing the Argan kernels, you are ensured a more authentic oil that is not only rich in texture but boasts a longer shelf life and natural Argan nut scent.




How often should you use Argan oil?

Simply put, Argan oil undoubtedly deserves to be a staple part of your routine. This oil is destined for consistent use as the benefits of Argan oil do not solely live externally but, when ingested, can have several key internal benefits.



Benefits of Argan oil for hair

Argan oil has been graced with a natural hair growth stimulant. This is because the phenols found in this golden oil have been known to strengthen hair follicles, whilst its antioxidants help promote cell growth in your roots.

If you suffer from dandruff and an itchy scalp, Argan oil will provide immense relief as the oil will deeply hydrate and moisturise your scalp.   



This glorious Moroccan oil is also commonly used as an impressive leave-in hair conditioner. By placing the oil throughout your hair (from your scalp to the ends), you will notice a natural detangling of frizzy hair, added shine and an overall silky texture.

Lastly, Argan oil is continuously praised for its hair color retention abilities. Gently applying Argan oil to your hair will help reduce hair discoloration and help preserve its natural color.



Benefits of Argan oil for skin

Dermatologists from around the globe continue to marvel at the natural anti-ageing properties that Argan oil possesses. This natural essential oil is able to deeply penetrate several layers of the skin to help eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. Its antioxidants work to firm the skin, reduce hyperpigmentation and provide a 100% natural scar treatment therapy … All of which return skin to a more youthful appearance.



If you suffer from acne, the healing benefits of Argan oil can be seen in it being a non-comedogenic oil which expertly neutralizes and balances your body’s oil production, ensuring that the clogging of pores is minimized.



Lean into the natural powers of this essential oil to moisturize and nourish your body  

There is a reason why Argan oil continues to stand the test of time and champion medical, spiritual and cosmetic healing.  

If you would like to take the very next step in your journey towards a happier and healthier life, make sure to explore our curated beauty wellness sets. Our sets will not only help ground you but launch you in your pursuit of health and happiness.



Our Evening Essential Set contains our Evening Body Serum which has a combination of deeply nourishing carrier oils, including Argan oil and the right balance of essential oils like Palo Santo, Jasmine and Yuzu to help you create a mindful skincare ritual after a busy day.



Slow down and give yourself a pampering self-care moment

For more advice on holistic living and experiencing self-love on repeat, join our weekly newsletter. We provide wellness advice to help you cherish the precious moments of life. 



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