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What Is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage and How to Perform One at Home

What Is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage and How to Perform One at Home

Treat yourself to a lymphatic drainage massage at home that leaves you on cloud nine and beyond

We all know how good it feels using massage techniques that nourish our muscles and make us feel amazing externally, but what about a massage that maintains us healthy on the inside and helps our body to function a whole lot better?  Understanding what is lymphatic drainage can be the first step. 




What is lymphatic drainage and does it really work?

When our bodies inevitably become full of toxins - whether it be through the foods we consume or other elements we come in contact with in our everyday life, our lymph nodes are in charge of removing this waste and transporting it to the correct parts of the body. Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle yet specific massage that aims to stimulate the lymphatic system and direct the lymph fluid to organs that can remove it. 

Thankfully, a lymphatic drainage massage at home is easy to perform and yields incredible results when done correctly. 

From preventing infections and keeping the immune system strong to removing cellulite and reducing water retention, lymphatic drainage massage therapy is highly praised across the globe as a necessary staple in any holistic self-care routine. 

Let’s learn all about this nourishing massage practice and all the ways your body can benefit from performing a lymphatic drainage massage at home. 



Lymphatic drainage benefits

If you’re looking for a natural way to remove toxins and improve your body’s overall functioning, a lymphatic drainage massage at home can play a key role in improving circulation and reducing inflammation on a regular basis. 

Lymphatic drainage massage is also common amongst those who suffer from illnesses such as lymphedema or other problems that cause the body to have a weakened immune system. A few benefits include: 

  • Boosting digestion and improving the immune system
  • Stimulating the lymphatic system more effectively
  • Balancing body fluids evenly throughout the body
  • Maintaining a high level of blood circulation
  • Reducing anxiety, stress and fatigue




How often should I do lymphatic drainage? 

Lymphatic drainage massage is a safe practice when performed correctly and the frequency should be assessed on a case-by-case basis for each individual. 

A good way to determine when to perform a lymphatic drainage massage at home is to become conscious of when you may be experiencing a blockage in your lymphatic system. Hormonal imbalances and feeling more sluggish can be good indicators that it might be time to perform a lymphatic massage, along with constipation or a slowed down metabolism. 



How to do a lymphatic drainage massage at home

When understanding what is lymphatic drainage and how to perform a massage at home, it's important to listen to your body and get a good feel for exactly what it needs. Perhaps there’s a specific part of the body that needs a little firm attention, or maybe you are due for a light full body massage. Being more conscious of this will help you to get the most out of your lymphatic drainage massage. 

Let’s explore what a standard full body lymphatic massage looks like using our luxurious Dry Body Brush that supports drainage of the entire lymphatic system: 


Dry Body Brush


1. Start with your abdomen area

The abdomen area is a great place to start due to the large amount of lymph vessels in this region that will get the fluid moving towards your heart. 

Take your dry brush and place it on your bare skin and begin applying small brush strokes upwards, spending about a minute or two in all areas around the abdomen. 


2. Then move onto your arm area

Begin brushing across the chest, starting from the middle and taking the brush all the way across and towards the armpit. A couple of minutes brushing this area will sufficiently move the fluid across the middle of the body and into the arm region. 

Another great option for stimulating the lymph vessels in this region is to place the dry brush underneath your armpit and start performing small strokes straight down towards your groin area. 

You can spend up to five minutes here to ensure you are giving the lymphatic system a good chance at removing waste.


3. Now for the top of the arms

This section focuses on the upper arm, the lower arm and the hand. 

Starting with the upper arm, make small strokes from the elbow up the arm and towards the shoulder. After a minute or two here, move to beneath the elbow and begin making small strokes upward towards the upper arm, focussing heavily on any specific areas that feel more blocked up to ensure that fluid is being released. 

To end, move the brush down towards the hand and begin making small strokes along the back of the hand, brushing along the fingers and finishing by brushing around the wrist area. 


4. Finish by removing waste in the lower body

To start, take your brush and begin making short strokes from around the knee area, brushing upwards along the thigh and towards the groin area. 

Once you have completed both the front and back of the upper leg, take your dry brush and place it upon the ankle area. Begin making small strokes from the ankle area upwards towards the knee, focussing on any specific areas that you feel may be blocked up or require more attention. 

To finish, place your dry brush on the foot and begin brushing upwards into the ankle. 

For a massage experience that benefits both the lymphatic system and the appearance of your skin, our Evening Body Serum and our Dry Body Brush makes for a beautiful perfect aromatherapy duo in our Evening Body Set


Evening Body Set


The notes of Jasmine and Cardamom in our serum calm the entire body whilst the dry brush works to release toxins and soothing out the skin. Perfect for targeting parts of the body that you feel need a little extra attention and TLC!



Getting into a habit of lymphatic drainage offers your body luxury level maintenance and nourishment 

Performing a lymphatic drainage massage at home is a great way to remove toxins and cleanse the body, but this practice can also become part of a wider self-care routine that works from the inside out. 

By committing to regular brushing with the right tools, your body can feel cleansed from the inside, and your skin can feel nourished and looked after from the outside. 

For more holistic living advice, sign up to our newsletter below, we value your time and will never clutter your inbox!  



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