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10 Journal Prompts Before Bed for Putting Your Worries Away

10 Journal Prompts Before Bed for Putting Your Worries Away

When we’re out of touch with ourselves, every aspect of our lives suffers

These 10 mindful journal prompts before bed can help. 

Sleep is essential for well-being and, often, well-being is essential for sleep. Each part of our lives informs the others, creating cycles of positives and negatives that feed into each other. 

When your sleep is restful and complete, you wake refreshed and more capable of emotional regulation. 

Dysregulated sleep cycles can lead to anxiety, stress, and unhappiness, which leads to spiraling thoughts, which keeps you awake at night.  

Creating new routines for yourself, both in your actions and in consistency, can repair your relationship with rest. 



 Journaling before bed gives your thoughts an outlet

Swirling anxieties while trying to fall asleep is often a by-product of unnamed fears, thoughts, and desires. 

Keeping a journal isn’t just for teenagers. It’s an essential piece of regulating your mindset and knowing yourself deeply. 

When you place thoughts on paper, you’re taking power away from your worries and giving power to your desires and dreams. 

When we’re too afraid to name our thoughts, they can swirl out of proportion – fears become larger, and wants feel unattainable.  

So, journaling puts your mind at ease, places your thoughts into order and in perspective, helping you turn those thoughts aside and out of your mind for sleep. 


How to start a night journal in 4 steps:

Starting your nightly journaling routine is as easy as it sounds. However, if you struggle with routines, there are a few steps you can take in order to ensure success.  


1. First, check in. Are you prioritizing this moment?

You won’t keep a journal if you’re not convinced you really need to. 

But the fact is, sleep journaling boosts your well-being. It provides you with a digital detox, keeping you away from blue light and into a calm, meditative state. 

Make sure to give your journal the priority it deserves–for yourself. Plan to take five, ten, or even thirty minutes each evening to journal.


2. Keep your journal beside your bed. 

It’s easier to keep a routine if you have a physical reminder that it’s essential. Keep your journal and a pen beside your bed as a daily reminder to write down your thoughts. 


3. Be consistent, even when you don’t want to. 

On days where journaling just doesn’t feel worth it, commit to just writing “I don’t feel like journaling today.” 

That way, you keep your routine, and you might surprise yourself with how often you continue to journal. 


4. Sleep soundly, knowing you’ve put your worries and insecurities away. 

You don’t have to ruminate on your thoughts and feelings after you’ve written about them. They’re safe, kept between pages and trapped in ink.

This physical trigger to release your worries helps you detach from worries and focus on goals that can be revisited on other days.




What is the difference between journaling and a diary?

In general, the difference between a journal and a diary is that diaries deal with the day to day, while journals are reserved for more nebulous, abstract thoughts. 

You might keep a gratitude diary, or daily log of your activities with specific dates. But journals reach into your mind, where you can use words, images, drawings, and more to express your thoughts and emotions and regain your peace. 


10 quick and relaxing journal prompts before bed


1.   What did I learn today?

2.   What am I afraid of?

3.   Can I put a name to any emotions I might be avoiding?

4.   What am I looking forward to?

5.   If I could say one thing to someone right now, what would it be and to whom?

6.   Where am I on my journey towards my goals? 

7.   Write 5 positive affirmations.

8.   What do I love most about myself?

9.   How am I feeling about tomorrow?

10. What’s my favorite memory?


    Mastering journal prompts before bed is just one of your holistic wellness journey than can help you get better sleep

    Mindfulness is a lifelong journey. You never stop growing, and so you never stop needing to try to get to know yourself. 

    Intentionally beginning your mindful daily rituals frees your mind to explore creativity, passion, joy, and ambition, while putting to rest anxieties. 

    If you struggle with mindfulness, read our guide on how to be more mindful throughout the day. There are techniques that will work for you, all you need to do is find them.  

    The last step in using journaling for more mindful sleep is to embrace the idea that sleep is self-care, not only a necessity. 

     Use our Aromatic Eye Pillow as the final part of your nightly relaxation ritual. 



    Its gentle weight alleviates tension and brings relief to strained eyes while delicate aromas of chamomile and lavender calm the mind and drift you into peaceful sleep. 

    For more open conversations about relieving anxiety and embracing holistic well-being, subscribe to our newsletter. We’ll be there every step of the way. 



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