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5 Spring Home Decor Ideas to Refresh your Space this Season

5 Spring Home Decor Ideas to Refresh your Space this Season

After a winter of hibernating, hunkering down, and hiding from the outside world, spring is a time of new beginnings, possibilities, and rebirth. 

During this time of renewal, one of the best ways to usher in the new season is to brighten up your home with chic, stylish springtime decorations. To plant some seeds of inspiration, we came up with a list of spring home decorating ideas that will give your space a breath of fresh air. 

Ready to style your space for spring? With the following spring home decor ideas, you can wave goodbye to winter's gloom and bring your home into bloom. 



But first, give your home a head-to-toe cleaning so you can decorate with a clean slate 

Before busting out your favorite spring decorations, clear your home of any physical clutter, cleanse from negative energy, and things you no longer use. 

Spring cleaning is an annual ritual that represents a new start. It can hugely impact our mental well-being because it creates physical space for possibilities to flourish and allows us to set new intentions for our homes

If you're not sure where to begin, here are some ideas to get started:

  • Clear out your refrigerator
  • Dress your bed in fresh linens
  • Dust lampshades and light fixtures
  • Declutter your closet 
  • Remove clutter and trash

Once your space is fresh, clean, and ready to go, it's time to decorate! 




What's considered spring decor, and how can you bring some into your home?

Home decor for spring is anything that makes your home feel fresh and breezy as the weather thaws, flowers bloom, and winter winds down. Think pastel colors, floral accents, and lots of greenery or plants in your living space. 

Common motifs are natural textures and warm, neutral tones that draw inspiration from the outdoors. Wreaths, dried flowers, or centerpieces that combine fresh blossoms with vintage touches are excellent options for renewing your space this season. 



5 spring home decor ideas to spruce up your space


Wallpaper ideas

If you're looking to make a big splash in your space this spring, wallpaper could be a great way to go, especially on a budget. The number of colors, textures, and patterns available are seemingly endless, so you can find options for your unique, distinctive tastes. Check out this post for wallpaper ideas and inspiration.




Curtain refresh ideas

While tending to your nest this spring, consider hanging up new curtains. They take up a lot of space, so swapping your heavier, darker winter drapes for lighter, flowy ones can change the look and feel of your room. 




Flowers and plants

Add some indoor plants to your space if you want to turn a new leaf this spring. Bringing greenery inside your house can help reduce stress, improve indoor air quality, and create a sense of well-being. They're also an excellent way to get the springtime vibe in your home this season! 




Light up your space with springtime candles

Scented candles are warm, comforting to the senses, and can make your home smell like spring. You probably cozied up to a few throughout the winter, but picking up fresh ones for spring and putting them in new places could significantly alter your space. Try placing one on your dresser, desk, or maybe a few bookshelves to change the ambiance of your home. 

Our Evening Aromatherapy Candle is hand-poured and made with 100% essential oils. Palo Santo, Cardamom, Yuzu, and Jasmine come together to fill your home with a rich, woodsy scent reminiscent of springtime, while its minimalist design fits almost any aesthetic.  

And the best part is that after your candle has served its purpose, you can upcycle it into a fresh spring decor item and use it as an indoor plant pot as well.


Evening Aromatherapy Candle



Spread springtime scents around your home 

This spring, harness the power of aromatherapy and the science of scent to create positive energy and promote overall wellness in your home. 

Aromatherapy helps with everything from anxiety and depression to focus and memory. Essential oils might help relieve seasonal allergy symptoms, so we encourage you to sprinkle a few springtime scents around your space. Lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oils are excellent options. 

Fill your home with the aroma of 100% natural essential oil of your choice. Adding a diffuser to your home decor combines aromatherapy, style, and relaxation, making it a terrific option for decorating your home this spring. 




Shift your energy, create a new start, and make the most of this beautiful season with spring home decor ideas

With winter officially in our rearview, it's time to embrace the longer days, budding trees, and warmer weather. Adding a few spring home decorating ideas around your home is a great way to ring in the season while refreshing your space and rejuvenating your soul. 

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