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7 Skin Superfoods for Healthy Glowy Skin

7 Skin Superfoods for Healthy Glowy Skin

They say ‘you are what you eat’ and this couldn’t be more true when consuming the right superfoods for skin

There’s no doubt that beauty begins on the inside, but the allure of a skincare product promising miracles for your skin can be nothing short of tempting. Imagine if you could achieve a healthy, radiant glow simply by fueling your body with the right foods? 

Enter skin superfoods. Gone are the days of believing that skin goodness only comes in packaged, glass bottles. Eating foods that are packed to the brim full of vitamins, minerals and proteins can give your skin what it needs to stay nourished, hydrated and resilient. 

If you're looking to relish in dreamy soft skin and enjoy the vitality of healthy foods in the process, skin superfoods can support you in this journey. Let's explore what skin superfoods are and how these self-loving foods can start to heal your skin from the inside out. 




But first–what is the definition of a skin superfood? 

Skin superfoods are nutritionally dense foods that are rich in minerals, vitamins and deliver the skin essential nutrients, leading to a more enriched skin appearance and glow. 

Elements such as Vitamin C & B, Zinc, Iron and essential fats are core ingredients in most skin superfoods, and these vitalities often support both skin and hair health in many different ways. 



So, what skin superfoods are right for you?


For nourished-looking skin and hair 


When it comes to superfoods for skin and hair, avocados are by far one of our top picks. The healthy fats in these fruits are great for treating inflammation and building a base for more supple, smooth skin. Vitamin E protects from sun and UV ray damage and improves elasticity. 

This delicious fruit is the perfect addition to a nutritious smoothie or spread across healthy, natural crackers. 


Nuts and seeds

It’s no secret that nuts are a great source of protein and give us the vitamins and minerals we need for high energy levels, but some nuts and seeds are better than others when it comes to achieving healthy skin. 

If you’re seeking a little skin repair, walnuts are one of the best options. Packed with vitamin E and Zinc, these elements work together to get your skin back to where it was before–as quickly as possible. 

Sunflower seeds are also a great choice for nourishing skin cells, along with flaxseeds and chia seeds. Sprinkle walnuts on a fresh salad with crunchy greens and chia seeds are a great addition to nutritional smoothies. 




‘Omega-3 fats’ are the golden ticket when it comes to using fish for better skin health. The oils in salmon and tuna are great for nourishing dry skin, preventing inflammation and helping the skin’s appearance to look bright and youthful. 

These types of fish are delicious cooked on their own and paired with steamed vegetables or added into a fresh bed of crunchy greens.


For higher antioxidants

Having a high level of antioxidants in our system gives us the protective shield we need to fight against pollution and sun damage. Aging spots, wrinkles and free radical damage become a thing of the past once these precious elements are prioritized in our everyday meals. 

The best superfoods for beauty are those that offer multiple benefits for the skin in addition to helping the body's organs to function at a higher level. 



The entire berry family carries a high level of antioxidants, but blueberries are at the top of our list due to their abundance of flavonoids and ability to support skin cells in so many beautiful ways. 

From anti-inflammation to delaying cognitive aging, these gem-like fruits play a vital role in helping our skin to look and feel younger. 

Eating blueberries fresh and uncooked will provide the most benefit to your skin’s improvement.  Adding them to your favorite fruit salad or making a habit of grabbing a handful before walking out the door each morning can really start to make a difference. 



Leafy greens not only make healthy meals complete, but they also act as the ultimate cheerleader for strong and resilient skin. 

Broccoli contains a high amount of lutein, which means you never have to worry about dry skin whilst these magical little trees are on your plate. Kale and spinach provide anti-inflammatory benefits while throwing some arugula on your salad offers just the right amount of antioxidants. 


For skin whitening



Although deep nourishment of skin cells well and truly starts on the inside, when it comes to skin whitening, it's important that these ingredients are applied directly to your skin for the best results. 

Eggs are a great option if you’re looking to brighten your complexion due to their amino acids and antioxidants. Simply whisk an egg and a dash of lemon juice, apply it to your skin and leave for 15 - 20 minutes, then wash off. (Don’t go under direct sunlight after applying lemon juice to your skin because this can be dangerous!)



Using lemon juice is a great way to gradually brighten your complexion over a longer period of time. Rich in Vitamin C and citric acid, these ingredients are great for reducing the appearance of darker spots and areas affected by hyperpigmentation. 

Simply squeeze a lemon into a glass, soak a face washer in the juice and apply to the darker areas on your face. Apply pressure into these areas for 2 minutes, then leave to soak into skin for a further twenty minutes before rinsing off. 




And voila - skin superfoods can give your skin a much-needed zhush in no time!

If you’re looking for simple and nutritious ways to keep your skin looking amazing, integrating  skin superfoods into your diet is a great place to start–along with our skin care products

These ingredients are often everyday items sitting in your fridge or pantry, and this makes it easier than ever to look after your skin from within. Start slow, take your time and before you know it, your skin will be beaming back at you through the mirror. 

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