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7 Ways to Start a Mindful Routine

7 Ways to Start a Mindful Routine

When life gets stressful, we might forget our mindful routines and the importance of caring for our emotional well-being.

We’ve outlined a set of steps to take together to jumpstart a new mindful routine. Any one of these will help you take care of your emotional health and well-being again and brought together; they can revitalize your life.


1. Give yourself something to look forward to in the mornings

It’s easier to get out of bed if something is waiting for us on the other side. Maybe splurge on a nice coffee and set your coffeemaker ahead of time, or set aside ten minutes in the morning to catch up on your favorite blogs and websites. This also means you’re budgeting time in the mornings for a relaxed morning routine.



2. Set out your clothes and jewelry the night before

When you already know precisely which outfit you’ll be wearing, you don’t spend any time or mental energy making those smaller decisions in the morning. This frees up time and energy to focus on the more critical choices you’ll have to make throughout the day.


3. Start - or keep - a journal

It’s hard to know just how we feel when we don’t budget any time for self-reflection. Journaling on our goals, what emotions and fears we may have, and how we are connecting with the world around us helps keep us grounded.



4. Meditate for a few minutes at any point in your day

This goes hand-in-hand with journaling, and each of these steps helps the other. When you meditate, though, you’re not trying to pin down the thoughts and feelings in the same way—breathing deeply, free of distraction, grounds you physically as well as emotionally so you can reconnect with yourself and the world around you.


5. Practice intuitive and mindful eating habits

Each mealtime is an opportunity to connect with ourselves differently. Are you hungry? What kinds of foods are you craving? Eating what we want in amounts that satisfy, and taking time to think about the taste and how we feel, strengthens the mind-body connection that helps us safeguard emotional well-being. If this feels like the right time, incorporating more plant-based and healthy, delicious foods ensures that your body gets the proper nutrients.


6. Prioritize your nighttime routine

Specific routines prompt our bodies to realize that it’s time for bed, which helps turn off the swirling thoughts that can remain even after we’ve done our best to stay relaxed and intentional throughout the day. Familiar aromas, mindful skincare routines, and even candles or music all play a part in this step. Relaxing plant-based aromatherapy products like L’Beauxtique’s Evening Body Serum incorporates essential oils and luxurious textures to let your mind and body relax.


7. Stay screen-free before bed

Televisions, phones, and tablets all produce blue light, which stimulates our brains to stay wide awake. Reducing screen usage in the hour before you finally close your eyes helps your brain “settle in” for the night and ensures you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 



These seven ways to start a mindful routine will help you reconnect with yourself and the earth

Our bodies and minds are interconnected, just like we are to the earth. Using natural methods instead of additives or medications to reduce anxiety is the first step to making the rest of our lives healthier and more tranquil. 

Natural and plant-based, earth-centered products are essential to maintaining our connection with the world around us. We can’t exist separate from the natural world - our bodies know what’s best for us, and re-centering the relationship with ourselves and the environment around us does wonder for our moods and emotional health. Subscribe for more mindful living tips below.



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