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The Women Who Wear Many Hats - Chapter II

The Women Who Wear Many Hats - Chapter II

Every woman carries numerous unseen roles, a testament we call the "Motherload" to their resilience and influence. Meet Jennifer—who skillfully juggles professional duties, caregiving responsibilities, and personal well-being.

What are the roles you play in your life in addition to being a mother?

I do not have children of my own. I am a Senior Project Manager of interior projects and lead teams of people at a large architecture and design firm, which encompasses my personality blending my creative and analytical strengths with client service. I am also a daughter and provide support for my aging parent, my own mother—helping with her technology, finances, and overall health. This role takes a lot of passion and care and has steadily increased over the years. I talk with my mother nightly as it’s important for both of us.

How do you maintain a sense of identity and individuality while being a mom?

I’m extremely independent and have a strong sense of who I am, what’s important to me, and what I value. I feel that’s at the forefront of just being me with my friends and family. I haven’t been married or had kids, and I don’t feel I’ve lost my sense of identity. I wouldn’t want to lose my independence in a relationship or be overbearing to someone else; there is a balance of being strong and independent yet supportive and respectful.

How do you handle the juggling act of integrating work and personal life?

That’s a hard question because work is always on your phone and desktop. It’s difficult to shut down and stop working and take time for yourself to relax. Recently I went to visit my mother for a week, and I still ended up working. Others on my team were also on Spring Break, and I felt obligated not to let things slip. It’s difficult when you care deeply about your work and it is your passion  to balance your work and personal life. I spend extra me-time every morning getting up and going—exercising, walking my dog, making the bed, straightening around the house, etc., so I have that personal time—just that time every day for myself.

How do you find time for self-care despite the demands of the many hats you wear?

It’s easier for me to take personal time in the morning to work out, walk my dog, get ready, and make my bedbecause it’s before I engage and my mind turns over to work and before I rev up into work mode. Otherwise, I’m too busy to stop and take a break during the day. Sometimes when I’m working, it’s 7 pm before I stop to make dinner and feed my dog, and then it’s time to call my mom.  So I have to take that bit of me-time in the morning.

What's your go-to self-care routine or activity when you need a break?

My workday is spent leaning over my computer and the stress builds up in my neck and shoulders. My self-care routine includes massage with Evening Body Serum which helps release all the tension of the day while reducing my neck pain.  The scent also helps me get a great night’s sleep, all while hydrating my skin.

On a lighter note, do you ever find yourself apologizing to your fur baby for leaving them alone, even if it's just for a quick grocery run?

No, I don’t apologize because my dog is supremely well cared for and loved. Sometimes he wants to go with me, and I take him on errands. But we have lovely hugging moments when I walk through the doorhe jumps on the couch like he’s saying, “How’s your day?” We have a few moments of I miss you, then it’s a walk and dinner. He’s demanding and lets me know when he’s ready for a walk, to eat, and to sleep—he has this look…like he’s corralling me for bedtime. He has a dog walker during the day, but we have a goodbye ritual of a handful of cut-up treats that I put on the sofa, he sniffs them out and eats them while I head out the door!

Okay, rapid fire Q&A!

Book you always recommend: The Historian by Elizbeth Kosova

Secret to staying organized: The Container Store—There’s a place for everything, and everything has a place!

Favorite way to unwind: A glass of wine and some green olives.

Best piece of advice for moms like yourself: Just do it. Don’t hesitate if you want a dog—get a dog. For a long time, everyone said I work and travel so much, how can I get a dog? But just do it and make it work. There’s no reason why you can’t have a dog because you work. Make it work and be the best mom you can be, you don’t have to give up your day job.



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Evening Body Serum


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