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How to Manifest Positive Energy With a Unique Ritual

How to Manifest Positive Energy With a Unique Ritual

Practicing a unique manifestation ritual is the key to creating the life experience we desire 

Manifestation is a powerful tool and one that we have at our disposal whenever we choose to use it. 

In the same way that we can manifest positive things into our personal experience, it is also possible for our thoughts and feelings to manifest negative things, therefore limiting the good things that we can receive. 

This is where the need for a positive manifestation ritual comes in. Let’s explore how to manifest positive energy and make this a key part of leading a holistic, natural lifestyle. 


Manifestation is one of the most pure and natural ways to create our reality 



Manifestation has been praised for centuries, and focuses on the concept that we are all energetic beings connected to the universe, and all have the ability to co-create with the universe at any given moment. 

With the rise of energy healers such as Abraham Hicks, we have been able to learn how to manifest positive energy and create our reality simply by using the thoughts and feelings that we hold within ourselves. 

The easiest way to understand manifestation is to simply see yourself as a walking creator, and that whatever you are thinking and feeling is what you will ultimately experience in your life.


The simple process to begin positive manifesting: 


Step 1 

Decide what you would like to create in your life - love, money, business success or better health. 

Step 2

Establish the exact thoughts and feelings that align directly with these desires.

Step 3

Choose a ritual that will allow you to embody these thoughts and feelings, and work each day to make them part of your being on a cellular level. 




We attract what we are and mastering our mind is key 

Positive manifestation comes down to your relationship with yourself. 

More importantly, your ability to be aware of the thoughts you are choosing and your willingness to change them. 

Once you have mastered a routine that allows you to nurture the right thoughts that align with what you are wanting to manifest, it doesn’t take long for your external reality to begin reflecting your thoughts and feelings. 

This is where committing to your own manifestation ritual and doing this practice often can start to change the way you think and create more positive energy in your life. 

Explore our advice on how to increase self awareness and transformation easily here.


Your personal space is the perfect place to start creating positive energy


Meditation can be a powerful tool for creating positive energy

It allows you to refocus your mind and be intentional about your thoughts and feelings. 

You can choose to visualize throughout a meditation, or you can simply use the aligned thoughts you have come up with (see step 2 in the process above) to focus on. 

Set yourself up with the perfect space - a gentle pillow and a soothing candle and begin grounding into this new positive energy.

Explore our tips on how to create a soulful space for meditation at home to bring peace to your mind and environment.


Affirmations can help you channel what you are trying to change or achieve in your life

Affirmations can be extracted from your aligned thoughts or you can choose to create some that simply help you feel more positive and connected to yourself each day. 

 A few examples of affirmations might look something like this: 

“Money is like a running river and it flows to me continuously”  

“I am loveable and the right love is always finding its way to me” 

“Good things happen in my life every single day” 


Journalling is an opportunity to bring awareness to your thoughts and dreams

However this process works in more of a soul to mind connection. 

When you journal each day, you are allowing yourself to get your current thoughts and feelings down on paper, become aware of them, and then actively make changes by journaling around more empowering words. 

The more these positive words come out and onto paper, they become positive manifestations that can start to change your reality. 

Explore our Top 10 journal prompts before bed to get more ideas flowing.



Focussing on positive energy is the first step to maintaining a holistic lifestyle

Having the right tools for your manifestation process is key, and integrating our Evening Aromatherapy Candle into your ritual is one of the easiest ways to connect with your highest self during your practice. 



With the use of pure essential oils, this candle will heighten your senses of connection and create the most peaceful space that is truly perfect embracing how to manifest positive energy and creating your own unique ritual. 

Light your aromatherapy candle, dim the lights and take a deep breath in…

It’s time to create the reality you have always dreamt of.

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